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Moorfields Eye Hospital - any coffee shops open nearby?

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jacalpad Tue 20-Apr-21 08:08:29

My daughter has to attend Moorfields Oncology Eye Hospital later this week. She would like me to go with her if possible, but I would not be allowed in the hospital. I would just be with her before and after , for moral support. She is not putting pressure on me to go with her. Please does anyone know if there are any cafes open, with outdoor seating, nearby (allowing for Covid rules)? I can’t walk too far as I am having a knee replacement next month - but I can walk short distances. I’d like to support her, but she has been told to allow up to 4 hours for her appointment. TIA.

Lucca Tue 20-Apr-21 08:10:48

Lucca Tue 20-Apr-21 08:13:44

I advise phoning to see if they’re open for business at the moment.

fevertree Tue 20-Apr-21 08:24:06

Hi jacalpad if it's the main Moorfields site near Old Street, if you put the address into Google maps (or just do a seach for Moorfields Old Street on Google maps) all the eateries nearby will show on the map. It looks as if there is a Pret a Manger across the road and it is open for business daily.

Best wishes to you and your daughter.

Margiknot Wed 21-Apr-21 07:24:52

There is a tiny round coffee shop just next to Old Street Tube station ( north west exit- the Moorfields exit) with a few outside tables. I’ve not used it myself but it seems popular. It’s a busy corner so not a quiet place to sit!

Margiknot Wed 21-Apr-21 07:29:02

Pret is open and opposite but has no outside tables, same with Costa ( between tube station and Moorfields) .

joannapiano Wed 21-Apr-21 08:29:42

There is a Costa inside Moorefields itself ,but haven’t been there recently so I don’t know if it is open at the moment. Google Costa website?
It is quite a nice one.
The Costa in our local hospital had people seated inside a few months ago.

Ellianne Wed 21-Apr-21 08:50:58

It is busy and very city like round there, but if you have 4 hours to kill could you hop in a cab and go along to Victoria Park? Just 20 minutes away. There are outdoor cafeés in the park and lots of eateries on the edge, especially towards Hackney.
Sorry if your knee isn't up to that, just a suggestion from one who often frequented that area.

Margiknot Wed 21-Apr-21 09:09:47

The Costa in the hospital was open ( when I was there) but only people with appointments ( and their carers) can get into the hospital. I don’t know if there are outdoor cafes open in the Barbican/ London wall (accessed via the escalator and walkway from Moorgate station) which is not too far away.

jacalpad Sat 24-Apr-21 05:47:27

Thank you all for your very helpful replies. All very much appreciated. Xx

Charleygirl5 Sat 24-Apr-21 08:18:09

The stairs at the tube station are horrendous-there is no lift.