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Apixaban the new Warfarin

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Mary59nana Tue 20-Apr-21 17:30:23

My partner has been told about the new medication Apixaban for his Bloods.
Last week thread about the covid jab / and Warfarin was so helpful and informative so back on here for all your opinions
Thank you

Aveline Tue 20-Apr-21 17:52:24

DH changed to that and he much prefers it. Only very occasional blood tests so no more trailing in to the medical centre and no side effects either.

EllanVannin Tue 20-Apr-21 18:06:26

I wish I was on Apibaxan instead of Warfarin as it's by far a better drug in every way.

Katyj Tue 20-Apr-21 18:08:36

Funny that I’ve just had a call from mums carer to say her axiban has been withdrawn I’ll have to find out why tomorrow.

Mary59nana Tue 20-Apr-21 18:08:57

I know there was mention of side effects hence why bloods need to be done
But not fully aware of what they are as we are still awaiting information on the new meds

Iam64 Tue 20-Apr-21 18:09:53

I was moved from warfarin to a pix Ivan after the cardiologist said my Levels on warfarin weren’t stable enough. No problems at all with apixiban, and not dashing off to the warfarin clinic all the time either

EllanVannin Tue 20-Apr-21 18:11:49

I think Warfarin has had its day now and is probably nearing 50 years old. I'm surprised mine hasn't been switched to a more up to date thinner. Cost probably.

Thoro Tue 20-Apr-21 19:21:51

My OH is on Apixiban and has been for the last 4 years - last month told he needed a blood test because he’s on it but not heard anything back after the blood test so presume ok

Farmor15 Tue 20-Apr-21 19:30:05

I'm on Apixipan (Eliquis) for last year - put on by cardiologist. Haven't had any problems with it, apart from possibly bruising a bit more easily. Have to take a tablet twice a day, so I don't think it stays in the system long. I was never on Warfarin. No blood tests needed, apart from usual, annual one for various things!

Bossyrossy Tue 20-Apr-21 19:33:04

I had internal bleeding on Warfarin so was put on Apixaban, this was about six years ago. No problems. The main difference, I’m told, is that Apixaban costs the NHS far more that Warfarin per dose. There is also no antidote for Apixaban should you need emergency surgery, it takes about 12 hrs for the effects to wear off. I’m not a medical person so please consult a doctor to check what I have said.

Greenfinch Tue 20-Apr-21 19:39:54

Sadly I agree it is probably a matter of cost and if warfarin suits you I think they generally leave you on it.It is true in my case anyway.