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Purpura - Bruising on back of hands

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OldAgeSucks Tue 20-Apr-21 17:50:37

I have started getting the ugly mauve blotches on the back of my hands where it bleeds under the skin just by a slight knock .
Does anyone know any remedies that helps ?

Grandmajean Tue 20-Apr-21 17:55:49

I don't know of remedies other than arnica which definitely helped when I tripped over my own feet and got some whopping bruises. What I would ask is "are you taking aspirin?" Even the lowest dose can cause bruising.

OldAgeSucks Tue 20-Apr-21 18:00:33

Thanks Grandmajean yes apparently arnica does help as does Aloe Vera gel but just keep getting them which is so annoying as take weeks and weeks to fade .....

OldAgeSucks Tue 20-Apr-21 18:01:17

No I am not taking aspirin

EllanVannin Tue 20-Apr-21 18:15:51

I think it depends on the skin type and also the susceptibility to bruising in general.

Liz46 Tue 20-Apr-21 18:29:03

I've turned into my mum. The slightest knock and I get a purple bruise which takes ages to disappear.

Tea3 Tue 20-Apr-21 18:39:55


I've turned into my mum. The slightest knock and I get a purple bruise which takes ages to disappear.

Me too.

OldAgeSucks Tue 20-Apr-21 19:19:59

Never a bruiser’s called Senile Purpura or Bateman’s Purpura seems nothing can be done but was hoping for some good old home remedy !

EllanVannin Tue 20-Apr-21 19:28:24

I don't bruise either even though I'm on a blood thinner. Must have a hide like a rhino grin In more ways than one !

lostmyspecs Tue 20-Apr-21 19:58:34

I know how you feel OldAgeSucks, I started getting these after beginning to take steroids for PMR. They began as small blood spots on hands and arms, no sooner one fading than another appeared somewhere else. Since being started on aspirin a few months ago I now have two massive blood spots on my right arm, the first of these had almost faded only to be replaced by another beauty further up my arm. Very unsightly I agree but my doctor says there is nothing to be done for them. They are completely different from bruising caused by a knock. I have no solution but really do sympathise - you are not alone.

cornishpatsy Tue 20-Apr-21 20:26:05

Me too, I will try arnica and hope it speeds up the fading as they look awful in the summer with more skin on show.

I wonder why some people do not get them.

Sunnyoutlook Tue 20-Apr-21 20:31:49

Yes me too. I’ve been asthmatic for 50years, have taken steroid tablets in the past and am on a steroid inhaler. I was told this thins the skin and as you say the slightest knock and my hands and forearms are black and blue.

OldAgeSucks Tue 20-Apr-21 20:47:59

It’s very annoying ....cause apparently due to thinning skin and blood capillaries which are easily damaged ...drop in collagen ..... very unsightly. Apparently there is a new supplement called Purpurex but expensive ..... anyone used it ?

timetogo2016 Wed 21-Apr-21 10:06:38

I bruise easiy so always have a bottle of witch hazel at hand,and it helps bring the bruise out which in turn makes it go quicker.

timetogo2016 Wed 21-Apr-21 10:07:12

Or easily even tut.

B9exchange Wed 21-Apr-21 10:11:23

We lose so much fat from the back of our hands when we get older, I guess that takes away the protection. I find when I do injure a leg or foot with a bruise the bleeding under the skin is permanent, nothing will remove the discolouration.

henetha Wed 21-Apr-21 10:14:53

Me too. I get them for no reason sometimes.

Alexa Wed 21-Apr-21 10:32:11

I am proud of my bruises as they show I have been working despite old age.

annodomini Wed 21-Apr-21 11:04:41

I had very conspicuous purpura bruising on my arms and hands when I was taking steroids for polymyalgia. My skin was like tissue paper at the time. It has improved since I came off the steroids although the -ageing - skin is dry and increasingly wrinkly. Moisturising with Double Base gel was recommended and I still moisturise my arms and legs assiduously with a much cheaper and equally effective aqueous cream.

Esspee Wed 21-Apr-21 13:44:45

I was delighted that over the last winter this bruising problem went away completely.
Once I got back out this year doing heavy gardening it has appeared again.
I assume that the quiet life during lockdown meant that my skin was not subjected to the usual bumps and consequent bruising so my pride in conquering the problem was misplaced.
It’s clearly an age thing. I’ll just have to live with it. 🥺

MaggieTulliver Wed 21-Apr-21 13:57:22

I’m constantly covered in bruises now OP; hands, arms and legs! Have had blood tests to rule out anything sinister and been told by GP that it’s a consequence of ageing. I’ve tried arnica but it doesn’t help so just live with them.

Liz46 Wed 21-Apr-21 14:28:20

Having read some of your comments, I have realised that the steroid inhalers I have for asthma are probably not helping.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 21-Apr-21 14:36:39

I have been taking turmeric capsule and the delicacy of my skin has improved enormously.. My arm is a criss-cross of scars, not from self harming, but the slightest touch with anything the least bit sharp would cut the skin and i had to carry plasters in preparation. Bruising has eased, too.

Whiff Thu 22-Apr-21 10:46:15

I use arnica cream for bruises. I have found as I am getting older nearly 63 I bruise more easily also don't always know I have knocked myself until I see the bruise. Also has anyone found they cut them self more than they did when they were younger or am I just a kultz ? Found out yesterday after using anti bac gel I have a cut no idea when I did it. Oh no I'm getting old🤦 .