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2nd COVID jab cancelled

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tanith Fri 23-Apr-21 19:02:29

I had reminders about my 2nd COVID jab on Monday this morning , then later another email saying I had cancelled my jab and to make sure I book another, I absolutely didn’t cancel anyone else had this?
I’ve gone to book a new one and the very convenient pharmacy I had my first one with good parking isn’t even on the list. I’m just mad and venting.

welbeck Fri 23-Apr-21 19:06:17

well that's probably why it's been cancelled, if they're not doing them anymore.
i would re-book asap, in case supplies run out.
venue is unimportant, just get it done while it's still available.

Jaxjacky Fri 23-Apr-21 19:52:54

Could be a system hiccup tanith inevitable there’ll be the odd glitch. Have you heard of shortages then wellbeck?

ninathenana Sat 24-Apr-21 09:01:24

I'm having my 2nd Pfizer today. Husband had his 1st before me but GP has no supplies of AZ so he has to wait

tanith Sat 24-Apr-21 09:51:52

Apologies for my rant I’ve made the appointment elsewhere now I was just thrown when I was blamed for cancelling when I plainly hadn’t.

Marydoll Sat 24-Apr-21 10:34:39

nina, my GP has no AZ either and as a shielder, I must have it at the surgery. sad

Charleygirl5 Sat 24-Apr-21 11:43:54

tanith I appreciate you have had to rebook- is it somewhere you can trust?

Marydoll I do not know what to say except I am so sorry. You of all people need it asap.

tanith Sat 24-Apr-21 14:05:21

I did wonder if they possibly didn’t have any AZ at the pharmacy I originally booked. Charleygirl it’s on the NHS list of vaccination pharmacies so I’m assuming it’s trustworthy, it’s in Greenford/Hanwell borders.

Charleygirl5 Sat 24-Apr-21 14:08:38

tanith if it is on a recognised list it should be legit even if it is a distance from where you live.

maddyone Sat 24-Apr-21 14:10:38

Sounds like a storm in a teacup to me. Just book a second jab somewhere else. You’ve got a car, so no problem.

maddyone Sat 24-Apr-21 14:13:23

Sorry, didn’t read thread, have done now. It did sound like a storm in a teacup, but it’s been solved now and the storm has calmed.

maddyone Sat 24-Apr-21 14:16:55

Marydoll you need your jab very much. Hope you get it soon. I’m getting mine, second jab, on Thursday next, but I’m Pfizer. It was mentioned that there might be some supply issues of the AZ vaccine this month, but we were assured that there would be enough. We were warned first jabs would slow a bit this month because second jabs would be a priority.

BlueBelle Sat 24-Apr-21 14:29:13

Luckily we seem to have run very smoothly in my area and all my family friends and acquaintances have had our second on time or for some of us a fortnight before

SueDonim Sat 24-Apr-21 19:20:50

I’ve just discovered my old mum didn’t get her second dose last week as planned. They were supposed to visit her on Thursday to do it but no show. She called them up and they’ve pencilled her in for Monday but who knows if they’ll turn up.

No one at all bothered to let her blind friend know they wouldn’t be coming, the poor soul was sitting in her house all day waiting until my mum phoned her.

I hope everyone gets their second dose soon. I’ve had mine so am going to see my mum next week.