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Minor dizzy spells when starting to eat!

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LadyStardust Sat 24-Apr-21 15:31:36

Good afternoon ladies! I have a strange symptom and there is literally nothing online about this other than a thread on Mumsnet! They didn't come up with any answers either. When I sit down to eat, be it a proper meal or a cuppa with a biscuit the minute I start to eat, I have a strange dizzy spell. It lasts about 20 seconds max and isn't really bothersome at all, more intriguing! It doesn't stop me eating as it so short lived. I've noticed this over the last week or so. I know there is something called Postprandial hypotension, but this happens AFTER a meal. I had my first covid jab about 5 weeks ago, so I doubt it is anything to do with that. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Blossoming Sat 24-Apr-21 15:43:03

Could be some form of BBPV caused by your head movement.

Redhead56 Sat 24-Apr-21 15:49:07

Sounds like a sugar rush are you diabetic?

LadyStardust Sat 24-Apr-21 16:00:19

Readhead56 Well the last thing I had were a couple of crackers and tea with no sugar so probably no sugar rush. I'm not diabetic as far as I know! Blossoming I'm off to google BBPV. Here is the link to the Mumsnet thread. There seem to be a few people with similar symptoms!

Redhead56 Sat 24-Apr-21 16:42:07

Well I hope you get it sorted out.

Rufus2 Sat 24-Apr-21 16:49:35

Can anyone shed any light on this?
Sorry to hear of your symptoms, but it doesn't sound like BPPV sometimes called "Crystals in the ear" characterised by your vision spinning round very fast as soon as you try to stand up which becomes impossible.
First time, the paramedics carted me off to hospital (I'm becoming a hospital addict!) suspecting a stroke, but despite a battery of scans nothing was found, but kept me in for a week.
As Blossoming says, it's caused by rapid head movements such that the "crystals" don't keep up. More likely to happen if you leap suddenly out of bed in the morning! hmm
The second and last time it happened I stayed in bed, (living on my own) and it was 24 hours before I could stand up!
Didn't mean to put the wind up you because your situation is nothing like that, but it's worth being aware of BPPV. smile
Good Luck

LadyStardust Sat 24-Apr-21 16:57:06

Thanks Redhead. Thanks for the info Rufus2 It doesn't sound as bad as that. You must have been very worried! I suppose a call to the GP might be necessary if it doesn't settle down. Either that or I just stop eating. smile

keepingquiet Sat 24-Apr-21 17:37:42

Could be a problem with your ears. Any movement in the jaw can affect your ear canal which is important for balance.

LadyStardust Sat 24-Apr-21 20:11:10

Oooo good idea keepingquiet. I'll test that theory out by dunking and sucking a biscuit or 2 (not chewing) with my next cuppa! grin grin