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Iningual hernia op getting a little wobbly about it.

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Lovetopaint037 Mon 26-Apr-21 10:02:45

I posted awhile ago but can no longer find the thread. Then I asked about experiences of having the above op. At the time I was concerned about laparoscopic surgery but now I see from a letter to my doctor that it will be open surgery. However, once again a list of possible complications are reiterated such as bleeding. Thrombosis, reoccurrence and chronic pain which is put at 10%. After a period to consider and reading positive posts from gransnetters I decided I might as well get it done and hopefully out of the way. I am now on the waiting list but having read the letter to the doctor and the mention of 10% chronic pain and being a worrier which is a problem I also have I am asking for some reassurance that all these warnings are now routine. In other words have you had recent surgery with any of these problems? Hoping for reassurance. Perhaps he has decided on open surgery as I am nearly 80.

lemsip Mon 26-Apr-21 14:33:53

They have to point out a list of possible complications...... Then you have to sign your consent to the operation. This is because of insurance rules. it's so frightening to see it written down isn't it, I was shocked to see this on the form I had to sign before my op. I'm sure the list is the same for each and every type of op.
go ahead and get it done and feel so much better.

Charleygirl5 Mon 26-Apr-21 15:51:04

Even at the age of 80, the removal of an inguinal hernia is classed as minor surgery. Yes, from a legal point of view all of the side effects have to be mentioned. I personally would go ahead with it. You may have a few painful days post-op but you will have pain relief. Sorry, I am not a worrier- if it has to be done I get on and do it. I could be run over by a bus tomorrow.

Lovetopaint037 Mon 26-Apr-21 18:22:11

Thank you lemsip and Charleygirl5. You have made me feel so much better. It was the way it was reiterated in the doctors’s letter which disturbed me. I know if I leave it and wait to see how things develop every time it starts to really hurt I will be cross with myself that I didn’t get it dealt with before. Thank you for bothering to answer.

Septimia Mon 26-Apr-21 18:43:44

Even when surgery is essential and life-saving, they still point out the possible problems, including the slight chance of dying under anaesthetic. So .... you might die having the operation but you certainly will without it!

Thankfully, this isn't the case for you but, although they have to detail the drawbacks, they do seem to enjoy purveying doom and gloom!

Hopefully none of the possible complications will happen to you and I hope you will soon be feeling better.

Lovetopaint037 Tue 27-Apr-21 18:05:31

Thank you Septimia. That is what I needed, a good dose of commonsence.