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Itchy eyelids

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grannyrebel7 Mon 26-Apr-21 19:15:19

I suffer from really itchy eyelids and have done for a long time now. I don't know what causes it but sometimes it just stops and I'm ok for months and then it will flare up again. I have stopped using steroid cream because of the damage it has done to my skin. Just wondering if anyone knows of any safe alternatives.

lemsip Mon 26-Apr-21 19:43:48

this may be helpful.

welbeck Mon 26-Apr-21 19:45:20

are they very dry.
would artificial tears help. ask at chemist.

Ngaio1 Mon 26-Apr-21 19:47:06

Not sure if this will help but I use Optrex spray mist for sore/itchy eyes. I have an auto immune problem and find this very soothing.

ginny Mon 26-Apr-21 22:42:53

I use Optrex active mist too. My eyes would suddenly sting and then pour with water maybe two or three times a day. Since using this spray it only happens occasionally..

Beechnut Tue 27-Apr-21 07:11:29

When it happens had you been eating fresh chillies grannyrebel?

grannyrebel7 Tue 27-Apr-21 18:30:56

Thanks for all the advice. No never eat fresh chillies Beechnut smile If it gets worse I think I'll go and see the GP if I can ever get an appointment that is!

vampirequeen Tue 27-Apr-21 19:04:34

I have itchy eyes. The optician said that I have dry eyes and the GP gave me some eyedrops.

Shinamae Tue 27-Apr-21 19:10:16

Yes, I think it could be blepharitis

natalijennifer25 Wed 05-May-21 06:14:07

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Ashcombe Wed 05-May-21 06:25:13

Consulting your pharmacist might provide a useful remedy more quickly than trying to see your GP at the moment. I use Hypromellose eye drops supplied by mine which work well.

Aldom Wed 05-May-21 09:24:34

Try Zeroderm for itchy eyelids. It proved to be the best of all medications for my grandson's and my itchy eyelids, caused by Bletharitis. I also use artificial tears for dry eyes and allergy drops for hay fever.