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Aveline Sat 01-May-21 08:59:01

Any views on body pillows? With forthcoming hip replacement I'm researching the sorts of aids and adaptations that would be helpful in recovery. I've already got some things from my knee replacements but hips have different requirements.
I've read about body pillows and reviews seem positive but I don't know anyone who's got one. Are they worth the investment? Any info gratefully received.

Aveline Sat 01-May-21 12:47:28

Nobody? Oh well.

Amberone Sat 01-May-21 12:52:03

I think I remember a thread on them some time ago so I'm sure someone will come on with advice Aveline. They're probably all out shopping 😀

As a result of the thread I started using just an ordinary pillow between my knees, covered in a pillow case. Don't have problem hips but do have boney knees, and sleep on my side so one knee was always digging into the other leg. Solved my problem, it's quite comfy but can get a bit warm. Doesn't help you, though, sorry.

Aveline Sat 01-May-21 14:10:51

Thanks Amberone. I like the idea that they're so long that you sort of drape yourself round it. Online reviews look positive (but they would wouldn't they?!)

Blossoming Sat 01-May-21 15:07:59

I’m interested in this too.

tanith Sat 01-May-21 17:23:14

I bought one when I had my second hip replaced but I never really got on with it. I found was just too big it took up as much space as a person I made do with a normal pillow.

Nonogran Sat 01-May-21 17:46:24

I bought a longer length Dorma pillow from Dunelm. I have pillow cases to fit. I love it.
After a knee replacement, I now also need a small 'between the knees" pillow, the sort that decorates a bed after you've made it. Works for me.
There's no need to buy expensive "purpose built" body or knee pillows. Take a look next time you're in Dunelm.

Aveline Sat 01-May-21 19:02:55

I've ordered one from John Lewis. My DD is interested as she's needing a hip replacement too. Poor soul she's not even 40. If it's any good I'll get her one for her birthday.

Boogaloo Sat 01-May-21 19:13:50

I have all kinds of back problems (two ops) and a replaced ankle which aches some days when I over-do it. My son bought me a pregnancy pillow about 4 years ago, which I can't sleep without now.

It's about > 5 feet long and U shaped. I keep the jointed part down by my feet so I can use my special pillow for my head and neck. I love that I can wrap my legs around the pillow no matter which side I'm sleeping on. My ankle, when it's hurting, rests up on the bottom joined part and I will sometimes shove one of the sides against my back for extra support.

LullyDully Sat 01-May-21 20:25:39

I keep a thin pillow between my knees. It is very comfortable. A habit I picked up when waiting for my hip replacement. I hope you have your operation very soon Aveline. It is a magical operation, the pain went even just after the op.

Aveline Sat 01-May-21 20:29:49

Glad to hear that LullyDully. I think I've just got used to every step hurting. I've got a bit of a wait but not too long. It gives me time to get organised and psyched up for it.

mumski Sat 01-May-21 20:38:18

I found having a pillow between my knees - enough to raise the leg level to the hip an absolute must. It takes the strain off the hip and really made a difference.
You will be so glad you had the op *Aveline*. The relief and almost immediate reduction of pain is amazing. Good luck and have a good recovery.

mumski Sat 01-May-21 20:45:26

Oh and another thought and another must, is a high chair which you can get out of with out having to strain yourself and a foot stool to raise your legs with to prevent swelling.
My friend laughed at me when I offered the chair to her when she had her op, but within hours of her coming out of hospital I had a phone call asking if she could borrow it. Of course being a good friend I've never let her forget it grin

Aveline Sat 01-May-21 21:11:40

I have a Stressless recliner with stool but I'm planning to order a booster cushion so it's not too low. I have a long shoe horn but wondered about those devices for pulling up socks.

mumski Sun 02-May-21 14:23:05

Yes I had one of those for the socks nd it worked really well,