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Do you use a sleep tracker?

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Ramblingrose22 Sun 02-May-21 00:27:33

I am wondering whether to get some kind of sleep tracker as I am always feeling tired and wonder what the qulaity of my sleep is.

Does anyone have one and if so, has it helped them if only to reassure them that they are getting enough good quality sleep?

Also, is your sleep tracked on a FitBit type device or a Smartwatch and what is the difference between them?

I am not a running enthusiast but heart rate measurements would also be useful for when I get the all clear to get fit.

nanna8 Sun 02-May-21 00:37:18

For me it would stress me out so that I couldn’t sleep! I am a poor sleeper but I really wouldn’t want to know just how poor. I would worry about it.

geekesse Sun 02-May-21 00:42:47

I have a sleep tracker on my phone. I don’t need reassurance about sleep quality - I fall asleep quickly and sleep like the dead. It’s interesting, but the only thing I have learnt from it is that I snore a lot.

crazyH Sun 02-May-21 00:46:15

Same as you can see, I’m still wide awake. I don’t sleep well, but I’m not going to worry about it. We need sleep as we get older, so I’ve been told ....

Aveline Sun 02-May-21 07:30:06

I have a Fitbit with sleep tracker. I found it quite reassuring. Looks like I actually sleep more than I thought I did. It stores the info too so I see that I wake earlier when the clocks go forward than I do in the winter. Must be something to do with the light.

dragonfly46 Sun 02-May-21 07:33:32

I found my Apple Watch useful in the night when my heart rate went up to 168!

V3ra Sun 02-May-21 08:06:06

I don't use a tracker, but I have read that sleep goes in one-and-a-half hour cycles.
So the theory is you actually feel and cope better if you wake up at the end of a four-and-a-half or six hours sleep than five or seven hours, for example.

Loislovesstewie Sun 02-May-21 08:12:33

Mine told me the other day that I was getting too much REM sleep, a few days later it was too little! I don't know how I can remedy either!

Maggiemaybe Sun 02-May-21 08:50:39

I have a MiFit (a cheaper and more basic version of the FitBit), and find the sleep tracking very useful. As with walking, I like to have a target to aim for, and if my sleeping hours start to dip below 7 a night I make myself go up to bed earlier, cut down on screen time, etc, to get back on track. I find it’s fairly accurate, judging by the stats it’s given me in times when I know I’ve slept badly for one reason or another.

Puzzler61 Sun 02-May-21 08:52:57

Oh dragonfly I wonder whether you are dreaming when that happens?
No I don’t track sleep. Usually sleep well and sometimes have an afternoon nap too.

ExD Sun 02-May-21 09:01:46

I have never heard of a sleep tracker, is it something you use with a smart phone? I'm one of those people who's phone isn't "smart", the cost (to me) doesn't seem worth it just to get the internet on another device when I have my tablet and laptop.
But a sleep tracker sounds amazing, I am a poor sleeper.

EllanVannin Sun 02-May-21 09:24:10

I remember when I had to wear a heart monitor for a week which obviously included through the night and a GP had said that he wished my heart rate/ BP was the same in the daytime as through the night it had dropped like a stone and was within normal limits. This was a few years ago.

I have very little trouble sleeping and get a good 7 hours without moving---no toilet visits at all.
How things change, because my BP has gone from being through the roof to frighteningly low at times ( for me anyway ) the only problem being that it slows down the circulation making my feet swell. I don't move enough !

A year and a half ago Dragonfly my heart rate was 186 which is when I was blue-lighted to resus. The first time it happened in 2006, it was over 200 and I was kept in for 2 and a half days----but I'm still here grin It was diagnosed then as Atrial Fibrillation. I think it's anxiety-related---in my case anyway.

Shinamae Sun 02-May-21 09:26:59

I have a sleep tracker on my phone called shuteye and I do find it quite useful but like another poster said I found out I snore an awful lot and it actually records the snoring,quite awful to listen back to in the morning!!!🤦‍♀️

Aveline Sun 02-May-21 09:27:51

I don't understand how a phone could track your sleep. The Fitbit is worn on the wrist and you have to set it to the actual wrist you're wearing it on. Maybe slightly different pulses? Don't know. However, I'm happy with mine. It doesn't have a heart rate monitor which is probably a good thing for hypochondriacs like me!

Shinamae Sun 02-May-21 09:28:06

It also Records if you sleep talk, cough or fart!!

NotSpaghetti Sun 02-May-21 09:37:00


geekesse Sun 02-May-21 15:51:25


I have never heard of a sleep tracker, is it something you use with a smart phone? I'm one of those people who's phone isn't "smart", the cost (to me) doesn't seem worth it just to get the internet on another device when I have my tablet and laptop.
But a sleep tracker sounds amazing, I am a poor sleeper.

You can get them as wearable devices or as an app on a smartphone. A dumbphone doesn’t have the processing capacity.

My app can either use the microphone or the motion sensor. The microphone picks up and analyses all sounds including sheets rustling as I turn over and breathing (and records snoring, sleep-talking, and hears but filters out the background radio and the dawn chorus) (but it does occasionally analyse a heavy lorry roaring past as loud snoring!). If you use the motion sensor, you put the phone under the top sheet and it only picks up movements.

There is the option to measure heart rate when you wake using the torch and camera, but unlike a Fitbit or similar, it doesn’t monitor that continuously through the night.

In terms of monitoring sleep, it compares well with a wearable device when you use the microphone, but results with the motion sensor are a bit iffy. I wear a much loved analogue watch, and I wouldn’t consider a Fitbit or smart watch, so the phone app is a good solution for me. However, if you want to use a holistic health monitor, I guess a wearable would be better.

Aveline Sun 02-May-21 15:55:11

I wear my analogue watch on one wrist and the Fitbit on the other as I like to glance at a watch and know the time rather than have to click the Fitbit on.

Kim19 Mon 03-May-21 04:54:57

Goodness, realised I wasn't particularly techie savvy but when I read all this I realise I'm positively Neanderthal.

BlueBelle Mon 03-May-21 06:08:57

I do wonder how good it is to have so much technology on your body throughout the night

I sleep in short bursts of probably 3 hours with a break between and apparently we are made to sleep like that as older people and it’s not a bad thing I don’t worry about it at all and often have a daytime nap which doesn’t bother me either

Kim19 Mon 03-May-21 06:15:47

Didn't know that about the sleep pattern, BB, thanks. I sleep fitfully too but it doesn't bother me. Seems like I'm more 'normal' than I realised. Heaven forfend!