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Depression coming out of lockdown

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Sparkling Wed 26-May-21 06:21:50

I am depressed now, wasn't in lock down, just the odd blip, everyone was in the and boat then, I'm more acutely aware of being alone and my problems.

FannyCornforth Wed 26-May-21 06:24:11

Hello Sparkling, just wanted to say that I know exactly how you feel thanks
I'll come back later, hopefully with something more constructive to add!

Baggs Wed 26-May-21 07:04:19

I'm sorry you feel depressed, Sparkling. At risk of rolled eyes (because of the apparent difficulties people are having getting appointments), could I suggest you ring your GP?

I'm sure you are not alone. Lockdown and the whole Covid nightmare has been mega-weird, bound to make people feel strangely disturbed, fed up, and even depressed. We have had to make a lot of adjustments to what we thought (what IS) normal behaviour.

Speaking for myself, I can't wait for the whole scenario to end. I'm not going to be joyous or anything; I'm just longing to feel free in a normal, healthy, everyday way.

All the best flowers

Liz46 Wed 26-May-21 07:24:48

For the first time in my life I am depressed. I saw the dentist yesterday and he was so kind to me I nearly cried.

JaneJudge Wed 26-May-21 07:44:03

I honestly don't think you are alone, everything feels so huge atm. If you've had the luxury of the safety of your own home and having choice over what to do or whether to risk going out, it is going to seem even bigger I think. I also think (lots of thinking going on here) that if you have been a coper during all this you will experience feeling that others felt much earlier on when you were just getting on with it iykwim. I don't mean that patronising to anyone, we all just have dealt with this in our own way and processed it all differently

Dorsetcupcake61 Wed 26-May-21 07:51:26

Sending you 💐Sparkling. I know so many people of all ages and circumstances that are suffering from anxiety or depression both through my work and personally. All of us are trying to process the past year or so and the current uncertainty really isnt helping.
Living on your own certainly adds to this. Until a few months ago I lived on my own during all the lockdown. I had garden visits calls etc and coped well. I think the fear of covid before I was vaccinated almost made it easier.
My daughter moved back in a few months ago and I work a few days a week in the office. It's made me realise how isolating life has been. Over the past few weeks I have longed for simple pleasures from my old normal and sometimes feel quite sad for those old times.
Certainly during lock down there was more of a sense that everyone was in a similar position. Now people can start to meet up with friends or relatives I think that just emphasises for those who live on their own or are isolated for whatever reason their origional situation. Indeed a chat with HP should be your first port of call. It may also be worth contacting charities such as AGE UK if appropriate or the Samaritans. They may well know of suitable voluntary support networks local to you.

potatogrill Thu 03-Jun-21 14:12:30

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downtoearth Fri 04-Jun-21 07:26:10

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baubles Fri 04-Jun-21 07:37:47

This last year has been overwhelming at times and is bound to still be affecting many of us. I hope you have managed to speak to your GP sparkling. flowers