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shoes, warning to all

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KittyKat1234 Tue 01-Jun-21 11:04:34

I have had Clarks shoes for over 60 years and a pair that is around 15 years old started to disolve into a goo mess (the soles) when I complained (only worn 4 or 5 times) they said they used a type of chemical that caused this years ago and offered me a £10 voucher. They will not disclose if this substance is dangerous to the respiritory system and seeing the mess they created over their container and on my furniture when I took them out I was really frightened and wonder if this is the cause of my breathing difficulties (they were housed in the bedroom wardrobe) which is really bad at night. Has anyone else had similar issues? The shoes otherwise, look brand new and when you pay £70 you do not expect your shoes to melt.

Cabbie21 Fri 11-Jun-21 18:01:58

I sorted my shoes this week. I rarely wear sandals but I found two pairs which I didn’t actually wear last summer( they are a few years old). They seemed fine, but after a couple of hours wear, the soles disintegrated. Lots of mess to clear up. The other pair has sticky soles, so that’s two pairs in the bin, so I can’t wear a dress or skirt until I get some new ones. I have to say my feet are more comfortable in socks and trainers or proper shoes, they get too sweaty in sandals.

Liz46 Sat 05-Jun-21 15:26:10

Thanks jusnoneed.

mokryna Fri 04-Jun-21 13:28:18

These are not one off cases but planned obsolescence. If people can be sent to the moon these problems could be easily overcome but the manufacturers chose to ignore because they cannot be held responsible. It needs people to bring it to their notice by public means which would have an effect on sales. I am not a techie but something like Twitter or Facebook.

JeannieB44 Thu 03-Jun-21 16:55:01

Hubby was a shoe repairer for over 50 years, he always used to say wear your shoes regularly don't keep them for occasional use. After time the soles will disintegrate even if not worn. Also some of the materials used for soles were a problem for repair as nothing would stick to them. Goodness knows what they use to make these shoes.

jusnoneed Thu 03-Jun-21 10:55:23

K shoes were part of Clarks Liz46, they have both vanished from the manufacturing scene in the UK. Clarks is no longer a family owned business, shoes made in China.

effalump Thu 03-Jun-21 07:51:23

If any sort of company made products that lasted forever, they would go out of business pretty quick. We live in a 'throw-away' society. The items I have had for over 20 years (Dyson DC01 for example), still work, clothes etc. are all OK but modern items only have something like a three year life. As for the reactions to the chemicals in the soles, perhaps it might be worth paying for an independant inquiry as the makers probably won't give you the truth.

If you're wondering why I have clothes over 20 years old, I've never earned big money and am presently on (UK) Carers allowance (£67.25/week) whilst caring for my old mum. For decades I used to make all my own clothes so hated paying shop prices and nowadays most of my clothes come from charity shops. I guess I'm one of those 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' type of gals.

silverlining48 Thu 03-Jun-21 07:33:51

Have never bought Hotter etc and rarely Clarks unless in the sale, so my shoes are random and usually inexpensive . I can’t think how @nd why this might happen.
Happily this has never happened to any of my shoes, and some are very old.

Ali08 Thu 03-Jun-21 03:05:16

I agree with Silverdragon and Railman.
But, I would also mention that, on having spoken to other Clark's shoe wearers and found they had complaints about the same/similar happening and mention that I'd be happy to take this to the media if I didn't receive a reasonable response from them.
Reasonable being new shoes being sent out or/& a full refund & maybe a token offer to accompany their apologies!

Cindersdad Wed 02-Jun-21 22:18:09

This happened twice to me. One Clarkes pair and one Hotter pair. Niether pair of shoes were worn very much snd there was no warning of impending catastrophic failure. Both pairs were old outside any warranty.

Calendargirl Wed 02-Jun-21 22:14:49

I sorted out my shoes yesterday, some I haven’t worn for years, but also I just haven’t got rid of scruffy ones.

A pair of black Clark’s loafers that I wore for work ( I retired 8 years ago!) have both got big splits across the soles.

About 5 pairs will be outed, and make a bit of space bottom of wardrobe.

Cathymac Wed 02-Jun-21 21:51:52

Just as Joysutty said

Cathymac Wed 02-Jun-21 21:50:18

I think if you store shoes for a long time without wearing them they need to be put away from extreme heat or cold in a room without moisture or humidity. Not that easy.
Shoe boxes whether plastic or cardboard prevent air circulation and can cause moisture buildup. Best to use shoe trees ... the cedar ones .. as they keep the mould away .
Even newspapers stuffed into shoes will absorb the moisture.
Keeping shoes in a cupboard for a long time is detrimental. You need to expose them to fresh air.

Katek Wed 02-Jun-21 21:17:02

I have completely the opposite situation! I bought a £13 pair of lightweight slip on trainer/pump type shoes from Tesco in August 2019. They are super comfy, look good and I’ve worn them almost every day for almost 2 years. They are indestructible! No sign of wear anywhere!

joysutty Wed 02-Jun-21 21:00:30

The issue could be that as in box for years like mine were were - then no air getting to the rubber sole. Who knows.

Jannicans Wed 02-Jun-21 20:38:27

Two pairs of Hush Puppies and RBT sneakers just crumbled and fell apart mostly while I was wearing them.

Musicgirl Wed 02-Jun-21 17:36:52

I don't think I have ever had this problem with my shoes and, like many here, I mainly wear Clarks and Hotter. I keep some of them for years, too. The only pair of shoes that had a problem with the sole cracking was a a pair l had worn repeatedly over several years so really did not owe me anything.

joysutty Wed 02-Jun-21 17:17:31

Same thing with my Hotter shoes. Boxed and only opened 7 years later, never worn. The soles crumbles all over hallway carpet nearly ruined it. Emailed Hotter but got no reply after 3 months so just threw away. Disgusted so wont buy from them again. Buy my shoes from a specialist shop called Shiropody now. Think the rubber material used could be inferior.

Ellie Anne Wed 02-Jun-21 17:12:52

This is very interesting. I had a pair of rarely worn hotter boots. Last year I started walking more so got them out. While walking the sole separated from the uppers and was flopping about. Had to hobble home. Just put them straight in the bin.

oodles Wed 02-Jun-21 16:53:58

I've had it happen, the reason people are upset that it happens to shoes that are old are that probably like me they have shoes they save for occasions, maybe a comfy pair of black shoes for funerals, some smart ones to go out for a meal in, that sort of thing, I know I try and leave nice shoes unworn so I don't scruff them up, wearing them regularly, and I do seem to scruff shoes up. If I've spent on some nice ones for more formal or dress up occasions I don't want to spoil them: shoes may be expensive so you want to keep them nice. A pair might be 15 years old but only worn 60 times, but I might waer a pair of everyday scruffy shoes that many times in 3 months . I know when I cleared out my mum's shoes she had some really lovely ones, party shoes, holiday shoes, smart shoes, shoes to match outfits, all in beautiful condition but 3 sizes too small for me, 2 bigger than my daughter, one than sister in law. Some of them were old, she'd gone to few parties in get last few years. Bone of them the spongy sort. Even her every day shoes were good sole wise. But I have big wide feet and walk awkwardly so need comfy ones. When I need a pair for a funeral I don't want to have to go out and try and find a comfy inexpensive pair, or a cheap one off pair. Last funeral I went to I couldn't find a new pair anywhere and it was lockdown, (when I went away didn't know there would be a funeral

Calendargirl Wed 02-Jun-21 16:30:40


Didn’t Prince Philip still wear the shoes he was married in? Re- soled etc.

And Prince Charles wears an old Barbour type jacket for hedging and gardening. On Countryfile once, he ruefully said it was very old, didn’t know how many times it had been repaired etc.

Exactly! Probably cost far more than a new one, but I don’t suppose that’s a problem for the POW….

kwest Wed 02-Jun-21 15:56:11

We ordered a reasonably expensive British made wool carpet at the end of April as a price increase was due at the beginning of May, We paid 50% deposit and were told it would be about two weeks before our local dealer got it and they would arrange fitting within a few days of receiving it. Six weeks later we are still waiting. My husband phoned the shop last week and was told that the carpet had been delayed in POLAND. what on earth is it doing in Poland?
We are mystified.

SusieFlo Wed 02-Jun-21 15:56:09

I had same thing happen with sketcher trainers. Notice£ them a bit slippy on some surfaces. Tried to wear them on a snowy day and couldn’t even stand up.
The soles looked fine with a good grip but they weren’t!

Vintagegirl Wed 02-Jun-21 15:21:54

Yes another victim of crumbling soles, very expensive MBT's were the worst offender. Then I have had Ecco and Rieker soles split. I am guilty of lots of shoes but understandable given the variety of weather we get and that I keep sets of clothes/shoes in two countries. Once I was in plaster for a few months and car sat in drive unused. Later all the tyres had cracked walls tho the tread depth was sound. I was told fault was that car was left undriven for too long.

PattyFingers Wed 02-Jun-21 15:21:21

I wore a previously unworn pair of ECCO shoes for a walk in the woods (I had bought them several years previously). By the time I got back to the car both soles had disintegrated and I was walking, very uncomfortably & painfully, on my socks! I would never buy another pair of them now.

Sueki44 Wed 02-Jun-21 15:03:39

Didn’t Prince Philip still wear the shoes he was married in? Re- soled etc.