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I’m worried!

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Bashful Fri 04-Jun-21 21:30:58

About 20 years ago now I was being screened annually for ovarian cancer due to family occurrence. However, they stopped screening suddenly - I think it had to do with funding not being available. At the time of my last internal scan of my uterus and tubes they said that, “There appears to be a little thickening which may be nothing. However if you ever experience unexplained bleeding go straight to your doctor.”
Now, since the menopause 13 years ago I have experienced the very slightest dot of red after sex with my husband and ignored it as just with sex being a bit rough. (Sorry for all the detail.)
A week or so ago instead of just a dot it was a bit more so I went to the Dr who examined me internally, said I was slightly inflamed and thought it was just Vaginal Atrophy and prescribed lubricant. The symptoms cleared up! Hooray! However she referred me to the gynaecology Dept at the hospital for a scan and I am frightened as to what they may find. Do you think it may be nothing? I keep remembering what the NHS said to me 13 years ago and I’m worried.

Doodle Fri 04-Jun-21 21:33:48

I would have thought this is just precautionary on your GPS behalf and you would have had other symptoms if something else was going on. That said it is always better to get things investigated the sooner you’re checked the sooner you can put your mind at ease. Hope all is well.

Mattsmum2 Fri 04-Jun-21 21:36:50

It’s so normal to be worried given your circumstances. You’ve done all the right things and fingers crossed it can be explained and treated if need be.
I had spotting after the menopause and was taken in for a small operation to check things out, I had a few polyps which they removed, I hope things work out for you. Take care x

Bashful Fri 04-Jun-21 21:40:30

Thank you @Mattsmum2
[email protected]
My mind is going into overdrive.

cornishpatsy Fri 04-Jun-21 22:07:05

It is far more likely to be nothing but going for a scan will put your mind at rest. We all think the worse when it comes to health.

Try to do things that keep your mind occupied, hopefully, the appointment will be soon. flowers

CafeAuLait Fri 04-Jun-21 23:18:48

It sounds like the doctor is following routine procedure to just make sure. The spot of blood could have come from your cervix or anywhere. I do understand why you are concerned. I think most people would be and that it's a normal feeling. Hopefully you don't have to wait too long for the scan and will have your mind put at rest.

I'm not an expert but I think if what they found 13 years ago was anything, you'd have most likely known all about it by now. If they were concerned it seems unlikely they wouldn't have followed it up again too.

B9exchange Fri 04-Jun-21 23:27:53

Vaginal atrophy can cause bleeding, especially after sex, and can be treated. Obviously sensible to have the checks, but much more likely to be due to the VA. Try to keep a sense of perspective, but I know in your shoes I would be letting my imagination run riot! Hooe you don't have to wait too long.

Nannagarra Sat 05-Jun-21 00:29:54

Try not to worry, though I know it’s not easy, and be guided by the GP’s response. She wasn’t alarmed but measured and is just being thorough; she hasn’t marked your referral as urgent. She’s not worried. You’ve found a solution and it could be as simple VA. Fingers crossed your scan occurs soon, shows nothing untoward and you can then relax.

blondenana Sat 05-Jun-21 00:39:19

Please don't worry.I had this about 3 years was just down to is just a precaution ,are you on any HRT ,?if not it don't want to be they will advise use .vagifem or similar probably.a very small dose of local hrt

crazyH Sat 05-Jun-21 00:41:47

“Try to do things that keep your mind occupied, hopefully, the appointment will be soon” - good advice from CornishPasty, which I will also take. Right now I am having recurrent cystitis. It’s a nasty thing, annoying more than anything . But then I think why do I get this so often ? Best is to switch off, in my case, and wait til the bacteria is flushed out
Good luck bashful...hope all goes well

BlueSky Sat 05-Jun-21 08:57:11

I know what you mean Bashful we are worried, we want to be taken seriously, but then when the GP sends us to be checked, we are scared of ‘what they might find’. It’s only natural, it happens, you have a good doctor. Don’t know whether you like googling symptoms, I’ve had to stop myself from doing it because it doesn’t help at all. All the best x

Whiff Sat 05-Jun-21 09:13:06

It's only natural to worry. Being human when we have anything wrong we always think of the worse first especially if you have had problems in the past. But I have learnt worrying about something I have no control over is pointless. Don't get me wrong I still worry.

At the moment I am on the waiting list to speak to an urologist been waiting nearly 3 months. I have had recurring UTIs and kidney infections since September. I think it is my kidneys but not worried because if it was something really bad the antibiotics wouldn't work also I would be very ill by now. Also on the list for a 24 hr tape on my heart. But because of Covid there is a backlog with a lot of clinics. Luckily I have a very good doctors practice.

Bashful hopefully you will be seen soon but be patient. You may have to wait . Have you had a letter from the hospital confirming your GPs referral? Both the letters came within in a few days of speaking to my GP with a date to ring the hospital if I didn't hear from them. Which I rang that's how I know I am on the lists and will just have to wait until it's my turn.

Covid has caused a backlog in all departments as staff where needed else where.

Try and do things to keep you busy and try not to worry. Hard I know but it won't make things any better. 💐

Bashful Sat 05-Jun-21 22:30:39

Thank you to all. I have no-one to confide my worries to and you have all been so kind.

MayBee70 Sat 05-Jun-21 22:48:21

They have to send you for a scan so don’t worry. I was the opposite in that I thought I had VA but my doctor didn’t once mention it. Just sent me for lots of tests. It was the worst few months of my life. Try to think of it as having a really good MOT. It’s horrible isn’t it, though, especially if you’re a worrier like me. Let us know how you get on.

MaggieTulliver Sun 06-Jun-21 08:26:01

Bleeding after menopause is a symptom of uterine cancer, not ovarian and uterine cancer is much more treatable than ovarian cancer. However bleeding/spotting is more often a symptom of VA as others have said. I’m 63 and have been investigated more times than I can remember for bleeding and it’s always been diagnosed as VA. Please try not to worry and just reassure yourself that the doctors are just being thorough.

nadateturbe Mon 07-Jun-21 00:26:12

Ditto what everyone else has said. I too would have little spots but I know it was caused by dryness. Try to keep busy and not think too much.
I just wonder would it cost much privately and would that speed it up. I had an MRI recently and it was £290. And I do realise not everyone can afford to pay that much. Hopefully waiting lists will reduce soon.

Bashful Mon 07-Jun-21 17:37:43

Thank you all. Yes, I will let you know how I get on. I appreciate all of your kind advice.

Ikiesgranma Mon 11-Oct-21 00:11:01

I hope that you have had good news since you posted. I had severe stomach and back pain, spoke to my GP on the phone who told me to go to A and E. They thought it was appendicitis. While I was there I had one little pink jelly like smear on the loo roll. I had a CT scan to check for appendicitis which showed a mass on my uterus. It turned out to be a very rare and very aggressive cancer in a fibroid called leiomyosarcoma. I had a total hysterectomy including my ovaries and tubes and now have to have CT scans every 3 months for the rest of my life. It is resistant to chemo and radiotherapy.

crazyH Mon 11-Oct-21 00:46:31

Ikiesgranma, how kind of you to think of Bashful, when you are going through so much yourself. You are a strong, brave lady and I wish you all the best flowers
Bashful, do keep in touch and let us know how things are with you.
Hope everyone here is well and has escaped this thing called Covid !

SuzieHi Mon 11-Oct-21 08:00:52

I had the same a few years ago. The scan is ok- think you need a full bladder so check before visiting loo just before the scan! From this they discovered the lining of my womb was too thick( caused they thought by HRT). A short while after I had to have it scraped( under anaesthetic). Not cancerous.