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Women’s health Radio 4 (BBC)

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ayse Wed 09-Jun-21 13:51:26

Listened to Women’s Hour this morning. The discussion centred round the way women’s health issues have not been taken seriously by the male medical profession. Interesting discussion on vaginal mesh and the mesh centres that have been set up.

Women’s Health MP Nadine Dorris certainly didn’t want to answer the questions put to her.

It also included a discussion on autoimmune diseases. Interestingly 84% of all autoimmune diseases are suffered by women.

vampirequeen Wed 09-Jun-21 19:52:38

Apparently all we have to do is challenge the GP and demand a second opinion or a referral. Easier said than done but if we don't then it's our fault that we don't get the treatment we need. hmm hmm hmm

JaneJudge Wed 09-Jun-21 19:57:34

Nadine Dorries shouldn't even be an MP let alone answer questions on behalf of women's health

silverlining48 Wed 09-Jun-21 20:29:12

Nadine Dorries was unable or unwilling to answer many of the questions put to her and kept repeating that certain women’s health issues were not in her remit. A weak response.
Emma ? The interviewer certainly pushed her hard but with little result. Not much impressed with ND.