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Scalp Psoriasis Finally Gone!

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Blossoming Wed 09-Jun-21 17:12:28

I started suffering from this often distressing auto immune condition following a lengthy spell in hospital some years ago. At first it was very mild. As it got worse I tried all sorts of shampoos, treatments, hair masks, snake oil - you get the picture. I sought medical advice, it was diagnosed as stress related and I was given betnovate which did clear it up. One consultant told me it could be connected to nerve damage from my brain injury.

In the fullness of time it returned and betnovate eventually stopped working. During lockdown I have only used unperfumed shampoo and conditioner, no hair wax, styling lotion or blow drying. As it grew longer I just pinned it up. The psoriasis retreated further and further until the only part affected was the hairline and back of my neck. I have been applying E45 cream around my hairline and the back of my neck, and I have no more flaking skin! The back of my neck is still red but not at all painful or itchy. I’m so pleased, I can now wear dark clothes without having to wear a scarf to avoid looking like I have terrible dandruff.

Oddly, the only other part of me that was affected was my right elbow and that cleared up years ago.

crazyH Wed 09-Jun-21 17:20:26

So pleased for you Blossoming. I have not suffered from it nor do I know anyone who has, but I do have eczema on my ankles. .I think the way forward for anyone suffering from psoriasis or eczema is to avoid perfumed products.

Blossoming Wed 09-Jun-21 17:33:43

Thank you crazyH I think you’re right.

Cunco Wed 09-Jun-21 17:49:10

Thanks for posting this subject.

Perhaps I should say I am a man of a certain age with a full head of grey hair who developed a very dry and flaky scalp late last year. I tried various shampoos but have found Neutrogena T/Gel effective in removing the discomfort, if not the entire issue. I have considered an e-Consult appointment with my GP but not done so to date.

I wondered if the issue was an allergic reaction but I cannot think of anything new except the experience of lockdown. I don't think perfumed products are my problem but you never know. The E45 tip might be worth a try. I see there is an E45 shampoo.

Teacheranne Wed 09-Jun-21 18:05:20

I developed psoriasis during puberty and it was definitely stress related - I’ve had significant outbreaks during exams, planning my wedding, moving house, bereavement etc. However, I am so lucky in that I seem to have outgrown it following an early menopause and now only get rare individual spots on my arms, legs or body, none in my scalp at all which used to be my worst area. I can get rid of these spots quite quickly using steroid cream, nothing else works but i can cope with it now.

Unfortunately my gp now thinks that part of my very advanced arthritis could be psoriatic arthritis so I’ll be having some tests soon as I’ll need a different treatment plan than simply knee replacements.

Chewbacca Wed 09-Jun-21 18:15:55

Thanks for sharing this Blossoming, it's useful to know. For some reason unknown to me, I started with just odd patches of psoriasis on my forearms and shins at the grand age of 67. So far it hasn't travelled any further, thank goodness.

Jaxjacky Wed 09-Jun-21 19:13:55

I’ve used T gel too Cunco after severe ‘dandruff’, itchy and bumpy scalp with allergic reaction across my forehead to previous shampoo/conditioner used for years. I’ve now tried Garnier oat gentle shampoo and conditioner, all good, but I’ll use the T gel occasionally too.

Blossoming Wed 09-Jun-21 21:45:10

Cunco I don’t think perfume caused mine, but perfumed products can aggravate it. Lockdown does tend to dry your skin out in my experience, especially in the colder months when the central heating is on.

geekesse Wed 09-Jun-21 23:13:32

I don’t use shampoo at all, just silicone-free conditioner. My daughter-in-law suggested that it might be the detergent in shampoo causing problems (I can’t use washing up liquid without gloves). After years with an itchy, flaky scalp, I’ve been itch and flake free since ditching the shampoo about three years ago.

My hairdresser uses products with silicone in, so after each haircut, I do a quick wash with baby shampoo to wash that out. Otherwise, I use Sainsbury’s own brand cheap coconut oil conditioner only for every wash.

Blossoming Wed 09-Jun-21 23:44:21

That’s interesting Geekesse thanks, I have to wear gloves when washing up or my hands get sore. I developed the extremely nasty autoimmune condition Stevens Johnson Syndrome at the beginning of 2020, most likely a reaction to antibiotics, and have been super careful ever since.

Franbern Thu 10-Jun-21 08:23:50

One of my sons in law has Psoriasis and psoriatic athritus. It is a very debilitating disease. When it was at its worst a few years back, they would need to vacuum any room he had been in every couple of hours, to clear away the layer of dead skin,
He is on a large variety of strong medications, including having to spend half a day each month at the local hospital for an infusion, but this keeps the skin part of this largely under control. The arthritus part not so much.

One of their daughters developed extremely bad eczma last year, really bad covering about 90% of her body. Obviously, we all worried that it was psoriasis, but definitely eczma, exacerbated by her stress with lockdown and GCSE's.

Teenage girls have enough to cope with and this just made her cover herself up all of the time and hide herself away. Took nearly a year of constant nagging to get her referral to dermatology. Fortunately, had this appointment a few weeks back and is now attending hospital twice a week for 12 weeks for heat therapy. We hope this will work.

Any such skin condition does need keep that area exposed to sunlight and also the person needs to be kept very well hydrated. Lots and lots of glasses of water to be drunk

Polarbear2 Thu 10-Jun-21 08:27:39

I’ve had a seriously itchy scalp for years. GP said it was stress related. I’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. Then, I’d had some bloating after eating some bread/pasta products so decided to cut right down on bread and other wheat products. Scalp now doesn’t itch!!! Am astonished and very pleased.

jamky Fri 11-Jun-21 02:08:04

I am so happy for you Blossoming! One of my family members is struggling with psoriasis a lot, he has it on his legs and arms mostly. It is getting better and worse and he have it for 20 years probably. That thing is very sticky unfortunately and well done getting rid of it!

Dryginger Fri 11-Jun-21 07:03:36

My DH has it in patches all over his body and head I have to cut his hair because he wont go to the barbers because of it. He uses T Gel and stuff from the doctors. Every night in bed he asks me to scratch his back. It does get better but never really goes away and sometimes his joints hurt poor thing. He used to have stuff from the Docs that stained every thing dark purple but the new stuff dosn't so we can have white bedding now.

recklessgran Fri 11-Jun-21 08:09:41

The only thing that has worked for my scalp is Dovabet prescribed by my G.P. It was like a miracle cure - I had thick plaques all over my head that were really sticky when lifted and caused my hair to fall out. I had tried everything - T-Gel, Nizoral, Alphosyl the lot but nothing worked. 2 days of Dovobet and a metal nit comb to remove the flakes and lumps [disgusting but satisfying!] and the difference is truly amazing! Fingers crossed that the return if it happens will be slow.

Blossoming Fri 11-Jun-21 12:44:54

Dovobet is a potent steroid, as is betnovate, and not suitable for long term use. They often stop working after a time too.

Blossoming Fri 11-Jun-21 12:46:14

geekesse do you use a particular brand of conditioner, or just any that is silicone free?

Shandy57 Fri 11-Jun-21 13:46:33

I'm so pleased for you Blossoming, different things work for different people.

I've only got it on my body but it's agony at the moment, feels like I've been burnt where the patches are. I've bought a new cream from Sainsbury's, Child's Farm baby moisturiser, and am putting it on three or four times a day. Such a horrible faff. Mine started when my parents had a very ugly divorce forty odd years ago.

Lovetopaint037 Fri 11-Jun-21 15:44:29

E45 is blooming marvellous. Great for dry skin conditions.

dustyangel Fri 11-Jun-21 15:58:22

My husband uses Childs Farm baby moisturiser when he can, recommended by consultant when he was in England. It has been very successful when he uses it frequently enough.

lemongrove Fri 11-Jun-21 17:20:53

DH always now uses Klorane’s Peony shampoo for scalp psoriasis, it’s been miraculous, and Wrights Coal tar soap for hand washing.

geekesse Fri 11-Jun-21 17:28:06


geekesse do you use a particular brand of conditioner, or just any that is silicone free?

Sainsbury’s own brand coconut conditioner usually, or if I run out, Garner Ultimate Blends coconut conditioner.