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Prognosis after broken hip

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Notjustaprettyface Thu 10-Jun-21 15:42:54

My husband has just turned 80
Nearly a year ago , he had a fall and broke his left hip
He had surgery and it was repaired but at the last appointment in March of this year, the X-ray showed that it hadn’t healed completely yet
We are due another appointment next week with X-ray
The added complication is that , when he broke his left hip , he was on the list to have his right hip replaced In March 2020
That was cancelled the day before because of covid
He is struggling with mobility and we don’t know whether this is because the right hip needs doing or the left hip still needs healing or a combination of both
We don’t have private health insurance and the appointments at the nhs hospital are brief and don’t usually lead to anything
We don’t know what to do anymore as they say they won’t operate on the right hip until the left has healed fully
I am just wondering if anybody out there has had a similar experience as I would love to hear from you
Hoping someone can advise ...

tanith Thu 10-Jun-21 16:04:59

I helped support my xmil for 20yrs she fell off a ladder at 85 and she broke her hip and it was pinned and plated. She recovered well and continued to live alone for another 8yrs.
I would imagine that the broken hip needs to heal before they could contemplate operating on the other. Have they looked at why the first hip isn’t healing?
I have had two hip replacements both by the NHS but I’m guessing they are under severe pressure due to COVID. Could you speak to your GP and impress on them how this is impacting your lives.
Sorry I’m not much help.

ShawnaStandridge Sat 28-Aug-21 12:42:47

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annsixty Sat 28-Aug-21 13:06:57


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Charleygirl5 Sat 28-Aug-21 15:37:35

I agree with tanith. He has to have the left hip investigated before he has his right replaced.

I find it easier to make a list of questions before you visit your GP because time is limited.

I would think his struggle with mobility is a combination of both but he needs to get the left fixed first. I also think your GP has to see him face to face to see how he is struggling to walk. Rather difficult with a telephone interview and I think you should insist he is seen face to face. Good luck.

cyzumo Tue 31-Aug-21 10:20:14

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Charleygirl5 Tue 31-Aug-21 11:22:41