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Franbern Thu 24-Jun-21 08:49:49

Just wondered if anyone on here either had or knew someone who had experienced 'severe' exzema.

One of my teenage g.children has developed this, it covers her whole body, bright red, itchy and flaky..

Probably excacerbated by her GCSE and Lockdown over past months, but as Dad has psoriasis there was also concern if it was that. Thankfully, it has now been confirmed it is not that, just serious 'eczema'.

For so long her GP just went on photos and wanted to keep on prescribing steroid cream. Parents refused to use this long-term. FInally did manage to shout enough to get her referral to Dermatology - but that appointment took nearly three months to come through.

Once it did, and she saw a Consultant at hospital, the severity of her skin meant that she was fast forwarded to commence three times a week heat treatment. As the local hospital does not have this machine, it involved a 50 miles round trip three times every week. Each treatment actually involves jsut a 32-second blast, but she has to have this for the next 12 weeks - no holidays this year for her family!!!!

I was away with the family just prior to the commencement of this treatment and was horrified by the severity of this diseaase. As it was sunny, we were trying to encourage her to get that to as much of her skin as possible. But even in the hot sunshine she was shivering with cold due to the thinning process caused by the flaking.

Think the family know all about food allergies, etc. and know that she must keep well hydrated - difficult insisting that a 16-year old drinks loads of glasses of water every day - but she has been in so much pain that she is now complying.

We are hoping that at the end of the 12-week intensive treatment she should be well on the road to recovery and able to start at her new 6th form school for her A level with skin being normal skin coloured.

Just wondering if anyone on here knew of anyone with such bad exzema and this treatment?

Elusivebutterfly Thu 24-Jun-21 08:56:50

I only know of that treatment for psoriasis, not excema. My husband had daily treatment for two weeks. A relative was an inpatient for a few weeks back in the 70s for that treatment.

I have severe excema, as did my father, but I have only had strong steroid creams for it. Dermatology said it was the best thing and it did work, along with loads of emollient which I always use.

crazyH Thu 24-Jun-21 09:05:56

My heart goes out to your GD. I suffered all my life from eczema….it’s an on and off thing with me. I take an antihistamine every day , and use steroid cream. The itching is unbearable at times. But, at 16, it must be so hard for her. Does she also suffer from asthma? If it’s any consolation, she will probably grow out of it.
For a few years after I started my periods, I had no signs of it at all and then it returned after I had my 3rd child. Then disappeared and returned with a vengeance during my divorce
Stress is a trigger factor.
I hope the new treatment will help ….good wishes to her xx

BigBertha1 Thu 24-Jun-21 09:38:30

I am very sorry for this young woman and hope the new treatment works. so sad that she had to wait so long for a referral. Both my daughter and nephew suffer horribly with this the hot weather and anxiety dont help. They have had various treatments mostly topical antibiotics and in my nephew s case antidepressants and I suspect some wacky backy when he is at university to help him relax. No condoning not judging.

timetogo2016 Sat 26-Jun-21 10:02:32

A long shot, but apple cider vinegar helps with many body issues.