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varicose veins

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Chloejo Thu 05-Aug-21 10:34:02

i hate my legs but scared to have veins done and if the operation is successful anyone had their veins done and how was it advice please

Esspee Thu 05-Aug-21 11:14:08

It was quite a while ago but I was home the same day and had to keep off my feet as much as possible for a few weeks. I went back to work after a few days and kept the leg propped up on my desk drawer. You need to wear a compression stocking which was uncomfortable. I had recently lost my husband so was on my own so I probably did more than I should have. I remember thinking I should sleep downstairs but didn’t.
Worth it though.

JaneJudge Thu 05-Aug-21 14:30:27

There are different options now but as far as I know you have to seek private treatment. However I would advise you to speak with your GP first.

fevertree Thu 05-Aug-21 14:44:01

I have dreadful varicose veins (on one leg only) and they do bother me with some discomfort and a feeling of heaviness. My GP says it is a cosmetic operation and cannot be done on the NHS. I investigated the cost of private treatment and it is around £3000 which is a fair sum to spend if it is "cosmetic".

Pittcity Thu 05-Aug-21 15:57:24

My GP said the same fevertree. I have learned to live with them.

DiscoDancer1975 Thu 05-Aug-21 16:47:55

I’ve had surgery in the past, when it was on the NHS. All very successful. Now I just need injections every few years, which I pay for privately. With covid, haven’t had any treatment for about 3 years. Was normally yearly, then went down to alternate years. The last time I paid about £400. The worst thing is anti embolism stockings have to be on for around six weeks. If you go in the winter, it’s generally bearable.

mokryna Fri 06-Aug-21 01:35:23

I had my veins stripped over 25 years ago, which helped a lot with the pain. Before Covid I used to have injections every couple of years and I may go back. However because I was a teacher and standing nearly all the time I also wear elastic tights as my legs swell. I am allowed six free pairs a year in the French system.

Lincslass Fri 06-Aug-21 08:37:38

You’ll be very lucky if you can get them done under the NHS. We used to do it on a twice weekly basis, not anymore. Now you have to jump through many hoops, according to my GP, to get them done. Yet sister in Germany had them done in January.