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TENS machine over hip replacement

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Luckygirl Fri 27-Aug-21 20:25:58

I am in loads of pain with my hip replacement and am tempted to use my TENS machine. has anyone done this?

Looking it up on line most of the references say it is fine; but one says it is not.

Aveline Fri 27-Aug-21 20:34:28

Have you had a hip replacement or are you wanting to reduce the pain so you won't need one?
If you have had one can you not go back to the surgeon and have the potential causes of continuing pain investigated?
I had a hip replacement a month ago and, while it's much better, there is pain when I get out of a chair but it recedes as I walk about.
I hope you find an answer. I don't suppose you'll want to be popping pain killers.

aggie Fri 27-Aug-21 20:39:49

I had my hip replaced nearly 4 years ago , get the odd twinge in it but nothing to annoy me . If yours is still painful you need to have it looked at

Visgir1 Fri 27-Aug-21 21:01:15

Tens machine... Nope nothing will take away hip pain.
Once you have had a hip replacement the pain should go almost instantly, it's probably the most successful replacement operation.
I had one 6 years ago, pain went instantly, I had no pain relief after the first few day.
Now need other Hip done.

Luckygirl Fri 27-Aug-21 21:04:39

I have a hip replacement - it is 7 years old. I am, according to the physio, one of the 10% of people who do not get a good outcome. Sigh.

It is a huge problem - loads of pain, poor mobility and I have to lift my leg into the car as it is too painful and not possible to do it otherwise. All the x-rays and scans look fine - it is structurally sound. But not functionally sound.

Physio has given me exercises to try and improve things; but it suddenly occurred to me this evening that I have a TENS machine.

I will ask her if the TENS is OK when I see her next, but I just wondered whether anyone had the answer.

annsixty Fri 27-Aug-21 21:33:03

My hip replacement was also a huge success so it is awful to be one of the unlucky ones Luckygirl
My knee was good but my hip was wonderful not much consolation to you.
Get all the help you can, if a tens machine works then use it and good luck.

Aveline Fri 27-Aug-21 21:39:00

Oh dear. Sorry to hear you're one of the unlucky 10%. If you're still seeing a physio they should have info re Tens. Otherwise could your GP refer you to a Pain clinic? I gather they can help with strategies to manage long term pain. Could be worth a try.
Hope you find some relief soon.

JenniferEccles Fri 27-Aug-21 22:18:06

I presume you have had a consultation with the surgeon and told him the problems you have had since the operation?
I am sure you would have but you only mention what the physiotherapist has said.

It is possible to have more than one operation on a hip, but as you say scans show nothing wrong, maybe that wouldn’t be an option.

Very frustrating for you.

Charleygirl5 Fri 27-Aug-21 22:53:01

Luckygirl I remember the problems you have had from the THR from day 1. It sounds to me that you need a revision hip but if possible I would look for another orthopaedic surgeon. From memory was it done privately?

You need to see your GP and ask for a referral but if possible have a surgeon in mind.

Newatthis Sat 28-Aug-21 09:27:03

Look up Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This is a rare pain condition. Hope it’s not this though.

Aveline Sat 28-Aug-21 09:36:55

Lucky girl I suspect that it would be hard for you to face another hip op.
Does the physio make the pain better or worse? Sometimes it can be inflaming to already stressed muscles, tendons and ligaments. Rest and icing may actually help. I've got a special hip ice pack that can be worn (over fabric) and it helps with any swelling and also pain. I got it on Amazon.

dragonfly46 Sat 28-Aug-21 09:45:15

Is it nerve pain? Maybe that is why nothing shows on scans. My DD at 43 had her hip replaced a year ago and she is back to running. I hope you can find a solution.

Luckygirl Sat 28-Aug-21 10:45:26

Thank you for kind thoughts and ideas. It is very frustrating.

The whole business of the hip replacement was problematical as it caused me to have my first bout of atrial fibrillation which has been an ongoing problem ever since. I was offered a revision, but since there is no structural fault I feel that tinkering further with it could cause more problems - I do not need that!

When I saw the consultant last (not the one who did it) he did not examine it to see what the problem was - just told me it was fine and sent me on my way. The orthopaedic department is hopeless here - they missed a foot fracture that I had and that has further impaired my mobility long term.

I will try the physio for a bit and see what happens. I think that there may be an element of bursitis here.

Aveline Sat 28-Aug-21 11:18:07

Bursitis or tendonitis could be possibilities. See what the physio says about it. Suspect that rest would be the answer but it's hard not 'doing' something about it with resultant guilty feelings. So frustrating for you.thanks

Humbertbear Sat 28-Aug-21 11:39:38

You need to have your hip looked at. I had a hip replacement operation and never had any pain afterwards, not even the next day.

Allsorts Fri 10-Sep-21 07:23:41

Lucky girl, I would look on line to find the best orthopaedic surgeon in your extended area, have a consultation. It is disgraceful you being left in pain as you are and not being taken seriously. Where’s the care. If that doesn’t work. Contact Healthwatch for support and advice.