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Low serum transferrin

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StMary Sat 11-Sep-21 16:19:48

I've had a lot of trouble with urine infection, then every 4 to 6 weeks my bowels are really soft and I'd go about 5 times. Then go back to normal. I have just had blood tests done and this morning I looked on patent access all blood including white and red blood cells plus kidney and liver function normal. But the one the Serem transferime was 1.84, ab normal, the normal range is 2.00 to 3.45.. Getting a bit worried.. I'm on the 6 th lot of antibotics for urine infection as well that seems to be taking ages to go.. Anyone on here had the same thing..

Callistemon Sat 11-Sep-21 16:54:36

I'm not sure StMary - is it something to do with iron in the blood? Not the Hb count but another product your body produces that helps with the absorption of iron.

The best thing would be to contact your GP surgery on Monday and ask if someone can phone you back and explain it and whether it needs further investigation.

Perhaps they need to change the antibiotics for one which is more specific.

BrianStron Sat 11-Sep-21 16:57:52

I think that contact with a doctor could clarify those results more. Meanwhile, you should try a little hibiscus water to help you clean that part of the body.

StMary Sat 11-Sep-21 17:15:28

Thank you very for replying.. I'll try hibiscus and see what if its OK. I will ring the dr on Monday.. Still worried..