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Recommendations for Hearing aids

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susytish Sun 12-Sep-21 22:47:29

What are your experiences of hearing aids. Who is the best supplier and which are the best ones?

Aldom Mon 13-Sep-21 05:59:04

Hello. There are lots of hearing aid threads already on GN. If you Google, Gransnet, Hearing Aids you should find lots of useful information.
I've had two aids since 2007. The first ones were private. For the past four years I've used the NHS aids. They are small, no one realises I wear them, easy to use and better in every respect than the first ones, which cost £3000!
The batteries can be obtained, free of charge from the GP surgery, but I find it more convenient to order my own online from Specsavers. They are not expensive. Hope this is useful to you. Hearing aids are life changing.

Elspeth45 Mon 13-Sep-21 09:03:37

I'm in Australia and have Phonak aids, cost me $3000. They are bluetooth and phone calls run through them, wonderful.

dragonfly46 Mon 13-Sep-21 09:08:08

I am interested in this too.

muse Mon 13-Sep-21 10:35:35

I started with hearing aids just over a year ago and have NHS ones. They are so easy to use. I love the app (BeMore) you can have on your phone. The settings enable the aids to respond in different situations and noise filters.

I get free batteries from our local hospital but the main hospital send me out enough to last a few months (all free of charge).

CherrieJohn Fri 17-Sep-21 09:09:28

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Elspeth45 Fri 17-Sep-21 11:26:01

I should have mentioned that mine are rechargeable, so no batteries!

Floradora9 Fri 17-Sep-21 21:32:33

DH has tried Specsavers and Boots and found that although much more expensive Boots are better by far . His are rechargeable the Specsavers ones ran out of charge at the end of the day .

SillyNanny321 Sat 18-Sep-21 11:17:27

Had some very small battery driven hearing aids several years ago. Went to Specsavers, sent by NHS as easier than going to Hospital. They were great. Easy to use & fit new batteries in. Very comfortable. Then came renewal time! Young man had these much larger aids already sitting waiting. He said the ones I had were not made anymore & if I wanted aids I had to have these unless I paid several thousand pounds for smaller aids! I hate the damn things! They have never worked as well & are so uncomfortable very heavy I now only use them when I have to go out or have visitors! So my music & tv louder than needed! I felt very let down as if being a pensioner & half deaf meant I should go sit in the corner & wait to die to make room for younger people with more money to spend! Would never recommend NHS or Specsavers for hearing aids after this experience!

Parky Sat 18-Sep-21 11:28:09

Try nhs, you can self refer where I am, they are just as good technically as privately purchased ones. However, free maintenance, yearly hearing checks or sooner if you have a problem and free batteries makes them a winner. I wouldn't be happy with specsavers, although nhs audiologists moonlight there here!

Davida1968 Sat 18-Sep-21 11:52:36

I have NHS hearing aids (managed for the NHS by a well known company). I saw the audiologist at my own GP surgery, having asked for a hearing test. Cost me nothing & I find them excellent. Batteries etc are supplied free of cost. Help is available if needed. Thanks to our wonderful NHS!

Jellygran Sat 18-Sep-21 11:56:40

My Mum just got sorted at Boots. Expensive but they are small and discreet. I no longer have to repeat things 5 times. They are truly a great improvement. Fiddly with a mask. She charges them in pod over night. No problems so far. They adjust so no need to fiddle with settings .

aonk Sat 18-Sep-21 12:02:08

I started with hearing aids about 4 years ago. I first went to the NHS because of the potential cost. I received excellent service but wasn’t happy as the aids only partly corrected my type of hearing loss. I then went to Boots. I’m very happy with the aids they recommended. They connect to my phone and can be controlled by an app. The audiologist was so helpful. The total cost was £3000 but I was able to pay monthly which was interest free. All my follow up appointments have been excellent too. The aids recharge overnight and always last all day. You can have a test and find out about it with no obligation.

aggie Sat 18-Sep-21 12:02:37

SillyNanna321 that’s a shame , I think you should ask the GP to refer you back to the audiologist, I have private small hearing aids but my friend has nearly identical and they are NHS . The ones you have are not fit for purpose
By the way I’m sure you aren’t silly xxx

SillyNanny321 Sat 18-Sep-21 13:18:15

Thanks for that aggie. My DGS said one day ‘oh you are so silly Nanny’ when we were playing. From then he calls me his Silly Nanny, lovely boy 😊

Chigleys Sat 18-Sep-21 15:54:22

I have just started with rechargeable ones bought privately. I thought I’d pay for those as I might be a drain on nhs resources as I grow older.