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Physio/rehab after broken ankle

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Dogsmakemesmile Wed 15-Sep-21 10:23:48

Feel I am must be the slowest person earth when it comes to walking without crutches after broken ankle/knee. Can I ask others to share their experience of going from one crutch to no crutch? I'm doing a bizarre hop at times plus seem to forget to bend either leg...Focussing on how far I have come and being positive but do worry. Lovely physio and have loads of exercises to strengthen my leg. I am doing those.Desperately missing walking my dog.

absent Wed 06-Oct-21 05:33:12

I broke both bones quite badly in my right lower leg and, following surgery, I used crutches. When the fibreglass cast was removed I still had to use crutches as I had to wait for one of the pins in my ankle to be removed before I could put any weight on my foot. By the time that happened I had come to feel dependent on crutches and was nervous about replacing them with a walking stick. So I took a deep breath, abandoned the crutches and refused to use a walking stick, after being told that I would probably have to use one for the rest of my life. I took quite a lot of care walking without any support for the first few days and then just boogied along.

I have had no problems with the healed injury since but do avoid high impact activities, such as running or jumping, which could damage the remaining screw that "holds my foot on". I suppose the secret of abandoning crutches is being brave enough – with advice and guidance from your orthopaedic doctor and/or physiotherapist – to "take a step in the dark". Good luck.

Fennel Wed 06-Oct-21 17:05:28

I fractured my ankle in March and couldn't use crutches. I haven't got the strength in my shoulders and arms.
They gave me a moonboot which helped a lot.
i was promised physio but never got it because of staff shortages.
I'm still walking slowly but the main problem now is balance - had a few more falls.
Take it slowly - one "step" at a time.

Smurf52 Wed 06-Oct-21 17:14:07

How far are you along dogsmakemesmile? I’m 11 weeks post op for trimalleolar fracture on my ankle. I’m using a walker with a caddy to transport food/drinks from kitchen to lounge. I use both crutches for short walks out and about. I’m partially weight bearing, fully weight bearing is about a month away I think.

I mastered crutches two weeks ago to go to my physio clinic. I’ve tried one crutch indoors to go to the loo. I too miss taking my dog for a walk. Indeed I miss her generally as my brother has had her for over 3 months as I live on my own!

Dogsmakemesmile Sun 10-Oct-21 14:03:02

Have only just found these replies. Many thanks. So grateful. I am actually a bit further along in that I broke my ankle and when learning to walk again I fell over Ddog and broke my knee...So another six week non weight bearing stint. Same leg. Now walking again and have stopped the hopping. I had this awful mental block about putting my full weight on the injured leg and subconsciously leaned to my left all the time. Once that was pointed out and I learnt to stand "normally" things improved. I have lost a lot of confidence but I am positive and grateful. We are now using a dog walker which has helped considerably. Many thanks again for your replies.

Candelle Sat 16-Oct-21 00:14:31

I broke left leg (bimalleolar) and right foot simultaneously, so non-weight-bearing for six weeks. That really was a nightmare.

I then wore a boot on each foot and used crutches.
I guess you do know to swing the crutch and your bad leg together? Many people get it wrong!

I was very reluctant to give up my crutches and had some physiotherapy sessions to teach me how to walk with first crutches, then a stick. A major thing was to look far ahead and not down at your feet.

I hope you are improving; it's mainly confidence that you can do it that's required!

Wishing you good walking!

TeresaLambert Wed 20-Oct-21 20:06:33

Hi, when I fractured my left leg a few years ago, I used crutches and was in a similar condition following surgery. My leg was aching in pain. So I went to the NHS, where a doctor advised me to start physiotherapy, which I did. Soft tissue manual treatment, stretching exercises, and progressive strengthening were all prescribed to me by the physiotherapist, and they all helped me rehabilitate my leg and become more flexible, and I am now completely healed. Physiotherapy may help you to identify and treat a variety of issues, allowing you to restore your normal range of motion.

Dogsmakemesmile Sat 23-Oct-21 15:39:23

Thank you for your helpful advice.

chris8888 Sat 23-Oct-21 15:48:25

After I broke my ankle I went from crutches to a walking stick. Took a full year to completely heal and yes do get physio it really helps.

silverlining48 Sat 23-Oct-21 16:04:32

I didn’t break my ankle but pulled a ligament (or three) and it took 18 months plus to heal. When weight bearing limb is involved, recovery is not fast.
Dogsmakemesmile and Candelle, you have both been through the wars. You have my sympathy.