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endoscopy: valium, profanol

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humptydumpty Wed 22-Sep-21 20:15:11

Hi all, have any of you had an endoscopy with either valium or profanol, and could you tell me more about the experience?


muffinthemoo Wed 22-Sep-21 20:18:24

Propofol and midazolam since I had a high level of a specific anxiety about the procedure. I didn't remember a damned thing and all went very smoothly. You will need a trusted person to take you home, and it is also helpful if you make clear that you would like any remarks your doctor makes to be made to that person as well, as the sedation will do a number on your memory even once you 'come around'.

humptydumpty Wed 22-Sep-21 21:41:41

Thanks so much, Muffin, that's really helpful.

Sarnia Thu 23-Sep-21 10:21:37

Sedation every time. I do not know the particular drug I had but I remember very little. Others I know who refused sedation in favour of the tongue spray, didn't fare so well. Good advice from Muffin.

Jaxjacky Thu 23-Sep-21 10:24:27

Beg to differ Sarnia I just had the spray and I was fine. It meant I could chat to the medics straight afterwards, remember what they said, pick up the paperwork, then drive home.
Each to their own.

humptydumpty Thu 23-Sep-21 12:29:59

Thanks very much. My daughter (having the endoscopy) has a phobia of things making her gag. It sounds as if propafol is the way forward, even though it means a long wait compared with valium, as an aesthetist has to be present.

Jezra Thu 23-Sep-21 20:53:51

Hi, I want to put your mind at rest. The anxiety over the procedure was actually worse than the actual thing for me. I had to collect my son from school afterward so I couldn’t be sedated. I didn’t have anything. The staff were so good. I relaxed and did everything they said and it was over so quickly,
I wondered what I’d been worrying about.
Hope that helps.

Jezra Thu 23-Sep-21 20:55:06

Oops didn’t notice you’d said she has a phobia. That is probably different altogether then. Hope she gets on ok.

Luckygirl Thu 23-Sep-21 20:57:21

Which end are we talking about?

Jaxjacky Thu 23-Sep-21 20:58:24

Luckygirl throat…not btm.

Luckygirl Thu 23-Sep-21 20:59:21

Top end - I have had 3. Once with no sedation, once with sedation, and once with a few puffs of entonox first - was able to drive straight home after the latter - it worked really well. I vote for this as my favourite!

Rear end - have had several - all with no drugs - all fine.

BlueBelle Thu 23-Sep-21 20:59:47

I tried it with the spray and found it painful and an awful experience so afterwards I ve always asked for sedation and that’s fine wouldn’t have it if I couldn’t be sedated