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Advice please on how best to rid body of gallstones

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multicolourswapshop Sun 10-Oct-21 08:34:18

I’ve had an ache in my upper right shoulder blade for 4 nights now I put this down to the gallstones I’ve got what can I do to get a good nights sleep. I’ve tried a heat pad and paracetamols even antisickness tablets. My gp who’s not very helpful says no one will touch me due to my health conditions. Is there anything else I can do ? It’s all very tiring.

Hetty58 Sun 10-Oct-21 08:37:25

multicolourswapshop, I'd be insisting on seeing another doctor. If the pain is depriving you of sleep, you need an assessment and tests to identify the cause!

Grammaretto Sun 10-Oct-21 08:38:08

I would try to get a second opinion PDQ.
Don't ignore gall stones.

mumofmadboys Sun 10-Oct-21 08:44:54

It may be something other than gallstones. You need a GP appointment to assess the cause of the pain.

BlueSky Sun 10-Oct-21 08:51:31

As others have said you need an ultrasound to pinpoint the cause. The GP should at least see you and examine you.

DillytheGardener Sun 10-Oct-21 08:55:48

What an appealing GP, you poor thing you must be exhausted. Is there another doctor at your surgery you could see?

ExDancer Sun 10-Oct-21 09:08:03

Most GPs seem to stick together and support each other's decisions, especially within the same surgery. You could swap surgeries which would get you to see someone face to face for a check-up - a new surgery will give you one when you change, which will give you a chance to mention your worries.
What happens afterwards is in the lap of the gods!

Allsorts Sun 10-Oct-21 09:14:24

I remember reading about Rosemary Conley who after being advised to have gall stones removed, went on the no fat diet. Which she subsequently marketed. However, I would be persistent in asking for a face to face appointment, if it gets really sever, take off for a walk in centre or A and E. you know your body.

rosie1959 Sun 10-Oct-21 09:33:50

I had gall stones the only way to remove them was by surgery. A low fat diet can help avoid attacks.
But the pain you describe sounds nothing like my experience the pain was mainly in the front of my abdomen occasionally radiating to the back it was horrendous and worse than childbirth and make me throw up.
I would get shoulder pain checked out if it didn't go or ease unless I knew I had pulled my shoulder in some way.

Grammaretto Sun 10-Oct-21 11:04:16

I was once fobbed off with antibiotics not for gallstones by a new young doctor but when the pain persisted I made another appointment and was referred to hospital.
It reflects badly on the GP surgery if they refer too many people so sometimes you just have to insist.
You should insist! It could well be something else. Mine was.
My abdomen pain turned out to be hyperparathyroidism. An enlarged parathyroid gland in my neck was causing abdominal pain and I needed blood tests and scans to diagnose it and then, eventually, a relatively small operation to remove the overactive gland.

Jane43 Sun 10-Oct-21 14:52:09

DH had terrible pains in his abdomen at the beginning of May, we put it down to gallstones, the pain was on his right side and he says he also had pain in the shoulder. The GP was brilliant and had him admitted to hospital when she saw how poorly he was, his infection level was very high and he had to have several IVs which helped a lot but he was put on the urgent list for keyhole surgery which he had on May 26th. It sounds as if you aren’t getting the help you need. At the very least you need stronger painkillers such as Tramadol or Codeine but I’m sure you would benefit from being in hospital under observation.

annodomini Sun 10-Oct-21 15:59:03

I had an ultra-sound scan in case I had an inherited tendency to aneurysm, some years ago. My GP rang me up to say, 'You don't have an aneurysm but you do have gallstones' which was a surprise. The report said 'numerous gallstones' but (touch wood) they have not proved troublesome so far. I do try to limit fats in my diet.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 10-Oct-21 16:29:22

Ask to see another doctor in the practice and if necessary insist on a second opinion. Even change surgeries if you can, but I think this needs to be addressed more quickly than the rigmarole of changing surgeries would allow. Saying no one will touch you because of your other health conditions and leaving you to suffer is inexcusable. I’m assuming you’re unable to afford a private consultation?

marmar01 Sun 10-Oct-21 16:35:10

i swear by drinking 2 pints of hot apple juice and paracetamol, it might be all in the mind but i think it works. (mothers side of family have had trouble with gallbladder and stones.) and i don't fancy the op .

MiniMoon Sun 10-Oct-21 16:35:54

I've had one episode of pain from gallstones. The pain was under my lower right ribs and radiating through to my back. What you describe doesn't sound the same thing.
I think you need to see a doctor to find the cause of your pain.

62Granny Sun 10-Oct-21 17:10:02

Did you GP say it was gall stone pain? Have you had a scan? When I had problems the pain was more just under my breast at the top of the ribs just to the right. It came on like a wave of pain building up a bit like being in labour. Shoulder pain could be a frozen shoulder ? Which I have also had and physio recommend traction and some exercise to stretch the muscle, which really helped.

highlanddreams Sun 10-Oct-21 17:27:13

10 years ago I had gallstones, I didn't know it at the time & as the pain came and went I put it down to occasional severe indigestion, figuring that as it kept going away it couldn't be anything serious so I wouldn't bother the Dr. I then started getting severe pain in my left side, right up my spine between my shoulders & in my chest every time I ate anything, even a small cup of soup. Then one day I started vomiting and couldn't stop, I ended up in an ambulance off to hospital where they discovered I had gallstones which were very badly infected and that infection had spread to my pancreas. I also had developed a stone in my bile duct. They kept me in, gave me pain killers & anti-biotics for a couple of days to bring the infection down and then took the stone out from my bile duct and a few days later had keyhole surgery to remove my stones & gall bladder. I went home 2 days later. After both ops I was eating without pain the same day and by the time I had the keyhole surgery I didn't need the pain killers either it was amazing & I was incredibly lucky. Please don't go on suffering, go back to the Dr and tell them you want something done,you're in severe pain and aren't sleeping because of it.

BlueSky Sun 10-Oct-21 22:01:40

Same here Annodomini.!