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Allergic to shampoo

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Fennel Tue 02-Nov-21 17:25:25

After suffering soreness and itchiness of my scalp I've worked out it could be an allergy.
Also soreness of my left ear and also parts of my face.
I'm changing my shampoo but are there any other things I can do as a treatment?
Also, is it possible for the condition to spread internally, eg glands below ear and in back of neck.
I've spoken to the GP about it but not in detail.

SueDonim Tue 02-Nov-21 18:05:48

If it’s infected, that could account for the swollen glands. It sounds as though you need to see someone, really.

Kamiso Tue 02-Nov-21 18:12:53

Have you changed your shampoo recently?

Does sound as if you need to see the doctor or perhaps try taking photographs. My friend was getting brushed off when her daughter had a bad skin allergy, until she took photos so that the doctor could see for himself. After investigation it turned out to be dairy products and improved greatly with a different diet.

Fennel Thu 04-Nov-21 17:41:41

thanks for the replies. I managed to get an appt. with a doctor and he took some tests and I've got a further appt. tomorrow.
It's quite painful and a few sores below my lft ear. Seems to be apreading so I'm feelind a bit miserable

Whiff Thu 04-Nov-21 20:46:45

Fennel could you have shingles? To be on the safe side. Don't wash the affected areas if it is shingles you can spread it by washing from one area to another.

Hope you find out soon what it is.

Fennel Fri 05-Nov-21 14:20:57

Whiff you're right I've got shingles.
I've got 2 lots of antibiotics to take - one five times a day and the other 4 times a day.
So much for shampoo allergies.

Nonogran Fri 05-Nov-21 17:19:47

Oh no you poor person. I hope you don’t have too much post-viral pain. It can be so uncomfortable.
Get well soon.

SueDonim Fri 05-Nov-21 17:26:03

Oh no! sad It does sound as though you’ve nabbed it early and hopefully the meds will reduce the period of ill health and you’ll feel better soon. flowers

Whiff Fri 05-Nov-21 18:34:52

Fennel the only reason I thought it was shingles was my son had them in his 20's. He was told not to shower as it can spread them. He was in agony for a couple of months and has a scar on the back of his neck.

The antibiotics work on them but you may get a lot of pain as Shingles attacks your nerve endings.

Hope you fully recover soon. 💐

Ro60 Sat 06-Nov-21 00:16:13

Well spotted Whiff 👩‍🎓 fennel💐 - The power of GN! 😁

DillytheGardener Sat 06-Nov-21 00:25:58

Well spotted Whiff , Fennel I hope you feel better soonthanks

Fennel Sat 06-Nov-21 20:36:52

Thanks all - you are ths Best!