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Grinding teeth or 'bruxism' and wisdom tooth extraction

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Shandy57 Mon 08-Nov-21 17:13:39

Since my mother died in 2000, I have ground my teeth in the night, and was supposed to wear a gumshield. Unfortunately I didn't like how it felt and stopped wearing it a few years ago.

I'm writing to encourage any other sufferers to wear their shield, I could have saved myself a huge amount of discomfort if I'd worn mine.

A few months ago I woke up with a sore lip. After a few days I went to see the pharmacist as it was so very painful - it seemed to be a big ulcer inside the lip, and a big coldsore on the outside of the lip. I couldn't eat properly for a few days.

Once it had healed enough I managed to see the dentist, who said he wanted me to start wearing the gum shield as he believed my lip injury was caused through my bruxism. He also wanted to monitor the wound as lip cancer is rare, but could not be ruled out at that stage. 'Luckily' it seems I had bitten a chunk out of my lip whilst asleep, and unfortunately the force had also loosened my wisdom tooth sad and the dentist booked me in for the extraction last week. He said the other side would also have to come out to balance my bite.

I was anxious when I went as I hadn't had a tooth out for over fifteen years. I was rather silly and didn't have breakfast as I was worried about using my brushes/flossing etc and missing a bit. I was given a glucose drink as I hadn't eaten.

I would like to warn others that I had a reaction to the adrenalin in the pain killer, and to be prepared for this if you have to have one. I felt very wobbly when I left the dentist and didn't feel myself until later the next day.

I had to go back today to have the other side out, and as I knew what to expect, have coped far better.

MerylStreep Mon 08-Nov-21 17:22:09

I’ve had a few teeth out but have never reacted to the pain killer. That was until a few weeks ago when I had a tooth out.
It was truly shocking. My oh had to half carry me down the stairs, put me into the car and lift my legs in😟
I had no idea it was a thing until I read your post.

Shandy57 Mon 08-Nov-21 17:36:06

Poor you, that was a severe reaction, I'm glad you weren't on your own.

It was so unexpected, my heart suddenly started thumping and I felt tearful, and said to the dentist 'I'm sorry I think I'm having a panic attack' and he raised me to a sitting position and explained it was the adrenalin. I had to have the full 4 mls unfortunately and did come straight home afterwards and laid on the sofa for hours.

lemongrove Mon 08-Nov-21 20:29:22

Yes Shandy I have Bruxism and TMJ ( the pain is horrendous at times.)
Heatpacks and Ibuprofen help.I have had a mouthguard made at the dentist ( well, the lab to be exact.) Much better than a generic one from the Chemist.I can tolerate it, it’s certainly better than the alternative.It saves my teeth and helps my jaw.
It’s quite a common condition apparently.

lemongrove Mon 08-Nov-21 20:31:25

You overdosed on your own adrenalin!
Eat breakfast and try and stay calm.😃

Nonogran Mon 08-Nov-21 22:42:33

Dental adrenaline also badly affects me. If I have to have an injection I say quite boldly, “not with adrenaline in it thanks.” There are alternative numbing products. Just ask.
Takes a bit longer for the numbing sensation to wear off but I feel much better afterwards.
I’m not afraid of the dentist at all. It’s all routine to me.

GagaJo Mon 08-Nov-21 22:47:37

I have also had an adverse reaction to the adrenaline in a pain killing injection. I almost passed out in the chair, had a racing heart etc etc.

For years after that, I had the pain killer without adrenaline, until I had to have a root canal done. The pain relief without adrenaline only lasted a few minutes and the dentist had to stop half way through.

I ended up having to have the tooth out. With pain relief WITH adrenaline, because as the dentist said, there was no other way.

ElaineI Mon 08-Nov-21 22:52:31

I have this too. It's not your own adrenaline lemongrove - it's the injected kind. It helps control bleeding and used in local anaesthetics but you can get them without. If you are sensitive to it you feel extreme anxiety and palpitations like you are going to die. It is horrible. My Mum has it too.

Calistemon Mon 08-Nov-21 23:04:23

I wish I hadn't read this .....
Visited the dentist today and had some preparation work done ready for a long appointment with a painkiller next time. Then a third appointment.
It's a long time since I had much dental work done but I have probably cracked a tooth through grinding it in my sleep.

Elspeth45 Tue 09-Nov-21 02:00:42

I'm the same Lemongrove. Even started chewing insides of cheeks!

JaneJudge Tue 09-Nov-21 08:12:11

I am very sensitive to the anesthetic too, I think it is quite common. My dentist said he hardly has to give me any pain relief as I react straight away (I shake almost immediately but have always been able to drive home, I guess he would say to ring someone if needed)

I also chew the indie of my mouth when asleep in times of stress sad