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Glenfinnan Tue 18-Jan-22 09:16:02

I know we shouldn’t self diagnose! But no luck in getting through to the surgery again this morning. I had a shingles jab about 2 years ago, but for the past three days I’ve had a prickly tender waist. No sign of any rash but just a bit pink and sore to touch. I know that you can still get shingles albeit a mild case after the jab, anyone else had this? Should I be looking for other symptoms?

B9exchange Tue 18-Jan-22 10:02:01

Perhaps try 111, or NHS24 in Scotland?

Maudi Tue 18-Jan-22 10:07:15

It could be a Covid rash. Google it.

Kamiso Tue 18-Jan-22 10:10:58

I had better luck with 111 though it did take 20 minutes to get through. I did end up in hospital for five days though with pancreatitis.

Haven’t known anyone have shingles twice but my daughter’s classmate caught chicken pox every time it came around.

Wheniwasyourage Tue 18-Jan-22 11:43:22

I've had shingles 3 times. Now old enough for the immunisation, but I think you have to wait 6 months if you've had shingles before you get the jag.

EllanVannin Tue 18-Jan-22 12:05:21

Try as I might as a child, I never caught chickenpox even though brother had it and next door neighbour.
Then along came my own children, still no sign, then GC, again not a chance.
After that GGC still no sign so the nurse at the surgery told me I'd been a carrier of chickenpox even though I hadn't had the illness, then when I turned 79 I was given the shingles jab. grin Phew. No shingles either, thank goodness.

GrandmaSeaDragon Tue 18-Jan-22 12:28:54

My DGD1 (13) has just been diagnosed with shingles - her symptoms are pain around the waistline, but no spots. She is feeling fine and allowed to go to school and mix. She and her sister had chickenpox 8 years ago.

I had shingles at 18, a year after my Mum died. Rash on arm, but remember no special precautions or medication and still went to college and everything else. My brother and I had chickenpox while at primary school.

Someone I know (retirement age) has recently had it on her face. When I enquired about the vaccine in 2019, I was too young! Both DH and I have now had the jab as we now qualify. Those over 70 are eligible (in England certainly).

Glenfinnan Do hope your symptoms don’t turn out to be shingles - maybe a reaction to something else.

felice Tue 18-Jan-22 12:34:25

Reading through the UK newspapers this morning I saw a small article relating Shingles to the Covid Jab. Cannot remember the newspaper but it might be worth checking out if there is a connection.

Pammie1 Tue 18-Jan-22 13:14:39

Try 111 for advice, but I think I’d also be booking a PCR test as it could be a Covid symptom. I had shingles soon after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis - was advised that I was at higher risk because of the RA but got it before I could be vaccinated. If you’ve had chickenpox your immune system never clears the virus - certain factors can then cause the virus to reactivate and cause shingles. If you have RA or another auto immune condition, it’s possible to get shingles more than once. It’s also a little known fact that if someone comes into contact with fluid from shingles blisters, they can become infected even if they’ve never had chickenpox. I had tenderness around my waist for about a week before the rash appeared, so you may be at the same stage.

TwiceAsNice Tue 18-Jan-22 13:21:07

I have had shingles twice, both times on my face. It started as a sore redness and I felt ill. After a couple of days I had a line of blisters where the redness had been and skin sore to touch all the way through. If you can get to speak to a doctor they will give you anti viral medication if it’s early enough which really helps you feel better. As my rash was near my eye my GP said the medication was essential

Glenfinnan Tue 18-Jan-22 15:45:06

Thank you all very much for your helpful comments. I’ll try the surgery again tomorrow then 111 if I get no joy.
Reassuring to have you all there!