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BPPV vertigo

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SuzieHi Wed 13-Apr-22 09:10:16

Any one else had this? How long did it last? Did it come back?

shysal Wed 13-Apr-22 10:19:16

I have had this every few years since the first labyrinthitis attack when I was expecting my first daughter, now aged 52!

Each time lasts about 2 weeks for me, followed by a few more feeling spaced out. I have learnt to avoid the onset by always turning my head slowly and never lying completely flat on my back, but I can sense that it is always there waiting to happen!

I have never tried the Epley Manoeuvre, but it is something that is successful for some - look it up.

There is medication that can help, I used to take Sea Legs which worked only slightly.

It is a very unpleasant condition, I hope for you it will be a one-off.

marshmarigold132 Wed 13-Apr-22 10:28:50

I’m just getting over an attack, came on without any warning. Putting mine down to stress, now able to lie on one side instead of back all the time with lots of pillows!

I had the start of attacks when my children were in their teens, around 35 years ago.

Hopefully it will improve for Op, unless you’ve suffered with it you’ve no idea how debilitating it can be.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 13-Apr-22 10:30:02

Me too, had it for the first time a few years ago, saw a consultant who checked me over ( the words Brain Tumour were mentioned) he then did the Epley manoeuvre on me and it worked, he also showed MrOops how to do it as my GP was rubbish at it.
I’ve had it several times since, I try to sleep on the ‘other side’ to the affected ear, but it takes weeks for me to get over it, each time MrOops has to do the Epley manoeuvre until it gets sorted which can take some time to get right, but I end up walking into the door jamb etc as I lose my special awareness for a while.
I still have off days though when I don’t have the full on BPPV but I get wobbly if I turn over quickly in bed or jump up out of bed too quick.
It’s a pain, Rufus over in Oz was a sufferer as well and we used to commiserate with each other.
The only thing that has happened since is that I’ve stopped driving myself on long journeys,’just in case’ as my last attack came out of the blue when I was in the kitchen.
Hope you get over it soon, it’s a horrid thing to have.

Petera Wed 13-Apr-22 10:33:00

Yes, it came back but not as bad as the initial time when I couldn't really walk in a straight line. The Epley thing worked very well for me, but I did have it done by someone who used it frequently.

Witzend Wed 13-Apr-22 10:59:16

Dh and I both had it a few years ago.
Lasted for some weeks. I was often very wobbly and could not look up at anything. GP did prescribe something that helped to some extent though. I think it was called Stemetil.

Sympathies to anyone with this - it’s horrible.

silverlining48 Wed 13-Apr-22 11:26:35

I had my first attack in the early 80 s and after a slow start these got more frequent until about 4 years ago. My last two attacks were about 3/4 years ago, where i was very sick but without vertigo.
The only difference I can see is that I started taking Betahistine. Or Serc is another name.
Its a horrible thing to suffer.

SuzieHi Wed 13-Apr-22 12:50:35

My first episode started a week ago - I’m 68. I banged my head the day before so maybe that was the cause. Felt really ill - ended up phoning 111 & then speaking to a dr who said probably BPPV or labyrinthitis. Haven’t done much this week apart from wobbly pottering and sitting down.
Saw own dr yesterday who checked me over & agreed it was BPPD. She suggested trying various physio manoeuvres. Gave me links to Torbay’s healthcare site which has videos to follow. Started yesterday. Not nice when doing but improvement afterwards. Suggests doing several times a day until attacks are getting less
Thanks for comments - helps to know others have had it and recovered. Any more advice welcome. Does travel make it worse- car motion or air travel?
Shan’t drive until steady again

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 13-Apr-22 12:55:37

For me nothing makes it worse, as long as I’m not in the middle of an ‘attack’ at the time.
I’ve flown, travelled by car, but now I take a Kwell tablet before I go out.(or Sealegs travel tab)

Since my last episode I’ve taken a daily Hay Fever tablet, it’s worked so far ?

SuzieHi Mon 06-Mar-23 21:58:38

Just had another bout of BPPV. Not as bad as the first attack (which was 11 months ago). but still very unpleasant. Think it may have been caused by heavy gardening and too much bending over?
Woke up with the feeling of unbalance, head rushes, & nausea. Managed to get up and shower, (holding onto wall) , get dressed then sat on sofa quietly for a couple of hours.
Got husband to help me do the Epley Manoever. Really horrible to do as it makes the head rush and nausea awful but it does work. Sat still to recover for a couple of hours afterwards. Repeated at bedtime twice more. Slept ok with 2 pillows and conscious effort to turn over very slowly. Woke this morning feeling much better but completely washed out. Did Epley 2 x more. Quiet day resting. Hope after a goods night sleep it will be gone ?

shysal Tue 07-Mar-23 08:02:12

Poor you Suzie. I hope you will soon recover. Glad the Epley manoeuvre keeps working. I have never been brave enough to try it, having watched a video and how sick it made the patient!