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Googes41 Tue 19-Apr-22 15:07:54

Has anyone developed Polymyalgia following covid vaccination.

loopyloo Tue 19-Apr-22 18:23:18

No but my DH had it but responded well to steroids and they were eventually phased out and he was OK.

SuzieHi Tue 19-Apr-22 18:38:37

No, but I’ve had the disease in the past. The only solution is to take the prescribed steroids for as long as they are needed.
You have to taper off them very slowly so your body has time to adjust. It took me 2.5 years to be free of Polymyalgia and get off the steroids. That was 6 years ago/ no reoccurrence so far - thank goodness!! Join the support group for PMR on Health unlocked - it is very good and helped me a lot

Googes41 Tue 19-Apr-22 21:39:39

Thank you, I developed it after first covid jab. Had got down
To 5mg but relapsed and have had to increase steroids again which is really frustrating ,will certainly join the support

watermeadow Wed 20-Apr-22 19:41:22

I developed it about 3 weeks after my first Covid jab. I’ve wondered if there’s a connection.

Googes41 Wed 20-Apr-22 21:32:25

Exactly the same as me. I’ve met several people who have
Experienced the same thing. There is now information on
The internet about this. My GP is fairly dismissive of my
Idea but poly myalgia is an auto immune disease and the
Covid vaccine affects the immune system
It will be interesting to see if there is any research into this
And what the long term effects are.
I’ve recently relapsed and steroid dosage is up again. Looks
As if this is a long term condition. Could be worse!

NanKate Wed 20-Apr-22 21:51:39

About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with PMR and was put on steroids. It took a long time for me to feel any benefit from the steroids. Fast forward to about two years ago when I saw a rheumatologist about another matter. She was very knowledgeable and after a half hour examination and discussion she told me I had NEVER had PMR and she got me off the steroids as soon as she could.

She asked what other illnesses I had had around the time of the incorrect diagnosis and I told her I had had (can’t remember the name of it) but it caused sickness, diarrhoea and feeling very ill for about 2 weeks. She said any virus like that can cause similar symptoms to PMR.

So if you are put on steroids for PMR and it takes weeks to take effect, it’s possible you don’t have it. She explained that steroids are about 10 times the strength of normal painkillers and they can mask other illnesses.

GrandmaKT Wed 20-Apr-22 23:19:49

I know two ladies who both developed polymyalgia after their first covid jab. Both are still on steroids and struggling to reduce the dosage. They are both pretty down about it all.

watermeadow Mon 25-Apr-22 19:20:52

Prednisolone stopped the awful pain of PMR almost immediately for me. I’ve had no side effects so lucky but I want to stop the steroids as soon as possible.
Lots of auto immune diseases can be triggered by infection so I wouldn’t be surprised if a vaccine could contribute to PMR.

Candelle Tue 03-May-22 23:53:35

My descent into PMR was slow and I thought at first that I was just unfit as I had not felt like walking or cycling.... since a Covid vaccination. It was 8 weeks before I sought help and with blood tests was immediately diagnosed. Because of this time lag I don't feel that I can say with any certainty that it was the vaccination, I just don't know but do wonder....

pieinthesky Wed 04-May-22 00:30:06

I developed PMR towards the end of 2020 and am on steroids. If anything I wonder if mine was triggered by my annual flu vaccination as it wasn’t long after that when I started getting symptoms and of course the Covid vaccine wasn’t around then.My mother had it in her 80s and it can be genetic so that may be the reason and also it’s thought that it can be triggered by stress which has also affected everyone during the pandemic.There are also a couple of FB groups for PMR sufferers that are very useful.

Candelle Thu 05-May-22 00:06:38

Pieinthesky and anyone else, a site 'HealthUnlocked' has a great PMR group. There are some really knowledgeable people there and many know more than our doctors (and I write with a doctor in the family!).

If you have any questions or concerns, do have a look.