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Driving licence and glaucoma

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Floradora9 Wed 27-Apr-22 14:27:40

Because of my age I have to renew my driving licence every three years . Because I am diabetic on insulin and suffer from glaucoma I have to do a health check . This means going for field tests to an appointed optician . Is anyone else in the same boat and done this recently ? I am a bit worried that I have heard nothing from the DVLA , I know they have a backlog , but only have until June to get this sorted . DH is als having problems so this is a worry for us and I am not sure what to do .

B9exchange Wed 27-Apr-22 22:02:37

They took an incredible length of time, months and months, to give my DH with glaucoma his licence. Don't let it hang on, I found the best way to jog them along was to post a query on Twitter, then got the go ahead for the eye checks within a week. More delays after the optician sent the results in, back on Twitter and again a response, with new licence, within a week!

Floradora9 Thu 28-Apr-22 16:01:41

I got the forms to-day . DH and I are having a debate as they are asking for a new photo . He read online that after 70 you only need to renew your photo once which we must have done . However they have sent the form and I have to tick that it is enclosed when I send my applications back . By the way a lot of people are bing asked for a new phot but the DVLA have not enclosed the relevant form . The advice seems to be to ignore the request . I am just going to get a new phot to-morrow despite the cost and send it .