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bigfeet1234 Fri 29-Apr-22 17:24:44

Hoping somebody can help me as I am so stressed by thought of taking carbimazole for over active thyroid. I went to the Doctor as I had lost over half a stone without trying and blood test show an over active thyroid. The Doctor has referred me and prescribed 20mg a day.

I don't have any real symptoms other than weight loss which has plateaued now and am so worried by all I have read about massive weight gain.

Pepper59 Fri 29-Apr-22 18:19:31

If it's any comfort, both my manager and a friend were on this for Hyperthyroidism ( over active). Neither of them put on any weight and both have remained slim.

Pepper59 Fri 29-Apr-22 18:21:03

The website Thyroid UK has a lot of information. Google it. There is also the British Thyroid Foundation.

Grandmabatty Fri 29-Apr-22 18:47:39

I had an over active thyroid in my 30s. Carbimosole didn't make me gain lots of weight. It did cause issues with my hair and when it grew back, it was curly. My thyroid settled for a few years but then became very underactive. That apparently is fairly common with overactive thyroid problems. Definitely check the sites suggested by Pepper.

Farmor15 Fri 29-Apr-22 19:30:52

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and on and off carbimazole for over 15 years before finally having it removed, due to it being very enlarged. I didn't have any side effects or weight gain on it, but it can cause problems for some people - need to have regular blood tests.
Hyperthyroidism can have different causes- Graves disease is one and toxic multinodular goiter is another, but most docs don't seem to check for cause.
What I eventually found out was that mine was the toxic modular goiter, and long term carbimazole was actually causing my thyroid to enlarge, till I finally needed surgery.
Carbimazole seems to be ok for short term use, but if cause of hyperthyroidism is found, different treatment such as radioactive iodine may be appropriate.

Jane43 Fri 29-Apr-22 19:36:35

I had it about 20 years ago and was on Carbimazole without any ill effects. I didn’t put on weight, there were regular blood tests to ensure the correct dosage. My thyroid level corrected itself eventually and I still have an annual blood test to monitor it.

Doodledog Fri 29-Apr-22 19:58:45

I have recently stopped taking Carbimazole for Graves, and I'm afraid I did put on weight - about 3 stone.

However, that was over the lockdowns, and I was unable to go out because of exacerbated asthma that hit at the same time, so it's been really difficult to work out how much weight gain was from which cause. I really got no exercise for about 2 years, which is certain to have contributed to at least some of my weight gain, but if you ensure that you keep moving you'll probably find that you can keep on top of things.

The big worry is a thyroid storm (which didn't happen to me), but your endocrinologist will warn you about that and what to look out for.

I took Carbimazole for about 2 years, but I suspect that if all the consultations hadn't been over the phone it may have been a shorter period.

bigfeet1234 Sun 01-May-22 22:54:40

Thank you for all your replies, I will have a look at the Thyroid UK website.

Pepper59 Tue 03-May-22 03:07:04

Good luck Bigfeet. Thyroid issues are a nightmare.