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Cervicogenic headaches

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Dw54 Mon 27-Feb-23 17:58:21

Hi I saw a post on Cervicogenic Headaches a year or so ago on your forum and wanted to ask if anybody gets these headaches during the night that wakens them up. Once I’m up and about and had a shower it sometimes goes away but other times I’m in agony. I’m on Duloxetine which is helping a bit and am seeing a physio and doing exercises but wondered if this will be me now or will it go away eventually. Had it over 2years now

Theexwife Tue 07-Mar-23 15:47:33

I suffer from cervicogenic headaches, since 2020, mine is due to arthritis in my neck. I too get woken by the pain and sometimes can walk it off.

Mine is triggered by the positions of my head, and laying down always makes it worse.

I am taking Pregabalin but don't really know if it helps. Physio seems the best method for me.

For me when I have it the pain is awful but when it goes it goes completely. I probably suffer about 7-10 days a month.

ExperiencedNotOld Tue 07-Mar-23 16:46:25

I was starting to get headaches on waking (not diagnosed) but I’ve changed to a wedged pillow, which works nicely.