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farview Fri 03-Mar-23 18:35:55

Due to yet another UTI ...have been prescribed Monuril (1 dose)..because of the side effects listed...I looked it up,especially the reviews..many of which sound absolutely awful, anyone used it? What was your experience?

farview Sun 05-Mar-23 09:22:46

Still haven't used it because the side effects listed are really bothering me...

NotSpaghetti Sun 05-Mar-23 09:26:52

I don't know this drug but UTIs are not "little" problems and can affect your brain.
Call your surgery clinical pharmacist and find out about it properly.

Whiff Sun 05-Mar-23 10:01:17

Farview I went through a spate of having UTIs and kidney infections over a period of 8 months. Had 16 courses of antibiotics. Tests showed only 2 antibiotics for them worked on me . UTI can lead to kidney infection and UTI's in older people can cause them to be very confused. Always knew when my mom had one because her dementia got worse.

The only 2 antibiotics that worked on me for both UTI and kidney infections are Cefalexin 500mg twice a day 5-7 day course and Nitrofurantoin 100mg twice a day for 7 days.

Saw a urologist and had scan on my bladder and kidneys both fine. He thinks I just had a bad infection that took long course if antibiotics to get rid of.

A nurse gave me a good tip. When on the loo make sure your knees and hips are in line that way you empty your bladder completely. I have an ease loo which is a normal loo but taller so use a toddler step to put my feet on. Haven't had an infection for 2 years.

Like NotSpaghetti says you need to contact your GP again.

FannyCornforth Sun 05-Mar-23 10:02:05

I’ve just looked it up, and the side effects look pretty much the same as the side effects for most medicines.
And remember, people who have had a bad experience are far, far more likely to write a review.
Honestly, if I were you I’d just take it.
I’d rather have the side effects than a UTI.
I hope that you make a quick recovery farview and feel much better soon thanks

GrannyLaine Sun 05-Mar-23 10:48:19

farview have you considered the long term side effects of an untreated urinary tract infection? Fanny is right, the possible side effects of pretty much any drug make alarming reading.

valdali Sun 05-Mar-23 10:53:44

And, you only need to consider the side effects under "common" as the others are parenteral (injection) only so don't apply to you. If you're taking it by mouth it sounds much less problematic then nitrofurantoin.

farview Sun 05-Mar-23 11:31:51

Oh thank you all for your good advice..I shall take it..