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Doodle Fri 03-Mar-23 19:48:49

Anyone else on this drug? DH is taking it for RLS and his weight has increased considerably also fluid retention in his legs. Getting bigger and bigger each day.
Weight gain and fluid retention are known side effects of this drug.
Is anyone else on it and have they the same problems? Any tips for reducing fluid?
Many thanks

Redrobin51 Fri 03-Mar-23 20:37:43

I've taken it for about 13 years. I have found it gave me a sweet tooth which I didn't have before so I have to be quite strict with myself. Initially I found it made me really lethargic until my body got used to it so I did put on a few pounds as I didn't exercise. I took myself in hand had sweet stuff as a treat and upt the exercise and am now probably 4lbs lighter than when I started. I am on a health forum and quite a few people on Pregablin have noticed a weight gain. Some switched to a similar drug called Gabapentin they didn't have the same difficulty. I think unfortunately we are all very individual on how we react to medications so personally I would have a word with the doctor as a dosage reduction might do thr trick. Hope he finds something to help.

Doodle Fri 03-Mar-23 20:41:12

Redrobin thank you for your reply. It’s good to know how others are managing.

Cherrytree59 Fri 03-Mar-23 21:08:37

I have taken pregabalin for about 6 years for a nerve problem in my foot.
Initially it made me quite light headed ( I take at night time).
I now suffer no ill affects (that I'm aware of)

I lost weight during lockdown and excercise twice a week at the gym to keep my weight in check

I do have ankle water retention and take a water tablet when required.
I never associated with the pregabalin.

Apparently pregabalin can also help with anxiety.

SachaMac Fri 03-Mar-23 21:19:54

I don’t take Pregabalin but I have taken Gabapentin for about four years. I found it caused some water retention initially, I asked the pharmacist about this and she confirmed it can be a side effect. I took some herbal Water Balance tablets for a short while and it seemed to settle down, I think my body just adapted over time. I did check with the pharmacist first as I take several meds Cutting down on added salt & foods high in sodium might also help.
I have a close friend who has been on Pregabalin for many years, she finds it works much better for her condition than Gabapentin which didn’t help her at all but she has also gained weight, she is unable to exercise due to health & mobility issues so that could be contributing. I’d get some advice from your GP or pharmacist if it doesn’t improve.

Doodle Fri 03-Mar-23 23:19:26

Thank you both. Yes will need to check with GP next week as DH now can’t get his shoes on his feet are so swollen.

Cheeseplantmad Fri 03-Mar-23 23:27:36

Ive been on Pregabalin for past 16 years for neuropathy and yes, weight gain is one side effect, unfortunately, but , for me , it’s the lesser of the two evils as couldn’t manage without it . The higher the dose the worse weight gain there is , so best speak to your doctor to see it can bring dose down . But , saying that , even though I’d put on weight in the first couple years , I have remained fairly constant in my weight, although I wish I could wave a magic wand and be few stone lighter !

Cheeseplantmad Fri 03-Mar-23 23:32:15

Ps, forgot to mention that I’ve not suffered fluid retention because of being on Pregabalin , ( not that I’m aware of ) but get fluid retention when I’ve sat down for while say watching tv , also in hot weather.

travelsafar Sun 05-Mar-23 12:36:34

I find this post interesting. I have started to notice swollen ankles when removing socks. First of all i thought it was because they were to tight i didn't associate it with Pregabalin. I have gained weight of just over half a stone!!! But the weird thing is although been on the drug for a couple of years the weight gain only since having hip replacement op in July. I find it strange as i'm more active now due to no pain in that area.

FannyCornforth Sun 05-Mar-23 12:45:01

Hello Doodle
I’ve been on it for about two years.
I had no idea that it caused weight gain.
I put my weight gain down to a totally messed up metabolism (I used to be borderline anorexic), plus menopause.
Travelsafar, I’ve put on considerably more than half a stone!

FannyCornforth Sun 05-Mar-23 12:49:38

There is a forum on Reddit about Pregabalin.
I was going to post a link, but (predictably)there is a lot of chat about side effects, and I don’t want to worry anyone needlessly.
However, if you would like the link I will post it smile

Sueki44 Sun 05-Mar-23 12:54:45

I take Amitriptyline for sciatica. It’s an old antidepressant, but it puts on weight too - apparently, it makes you crave carbs. I try not to take it every now and then,but eventually I give in. It does make you sleep

SachaMac Sun 05-Mar-23 13:17:28

I had weight gain with Amitriptyline too Sueki44, it did help me sleep much better through pain but I had a bit of a hangover effect the next morning. I haven’t taken it for a few years but I’m still struggling to to shift the excess weight I gained but then I went straight from that on to Gabapentin. Weight gain seems to be a trade off for pain relief with some meds.

Doodle Sun 05-Mar-23 14:30:59

Thanks all. DH has put on a lot of weight but not eating more.
Thanks for mentioning Reddit Fanny I’ll see if I can find it.

FannyCornforth Sun 05-Mar-23 14:34:35

Here it is.
To paraphrase Matt Hancock, don’t let it ‘scare your pants’ off.
There are some odd comments on there!
Best wishes to you and MrD x