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Ear Wax Vacuum, has anyone tried one?

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Marydoll Mon 06-Mar-23 09:20:56

I am having problems with my ear and can't get out to have wax removed by a professional.

Has anyone bought one of these machines and can recommend one?

Beechnut Mon 06-Mar-23 09:24:28

I can’t help with a recommendation but could someone be able to come to you from an earwax removal clinic.

Calipso Mon 06-Mar-23 09:24:47

Marydoll there's likely to be someone that can come to you. A retired practice nurse in my area has set up her own business doing this. But I have no experience of DIY devices, I'm sure others on here will.

nanna8 Mon 06-Mar-23 09:27:04

My husband had that done .It costs $100 here so you wouldn’t do it often !

Sparklefizz Mon 06-Mar-23 09:27:57

I have had microsuction at a clinic and I know she goes to care homes etc. but I am a very long way from you (near Bath). Would you be able to find a mobile service?

Grannynannywanny Mon 06-Mar-23 09:54:14

Marydoll I commiserate as ear wax can cause utter misery but as a nurse I’d be very reluctant to recommend any type of DIY ear treatment. I’ve used various devices including micro suction on patients for ear wax removal. None of these procedures can be done efficiently and safely without using an otoscope to examine inside the ear to see what needs attention and how to safely proceed. Another look is required at the end to be sure the job is complete.

Also, I read on the Good Morning thread you are suffering from vertigo. I wonder if impacted wax could be causing or at least contributing to your dizziness? I’d be concerned you might make your symptoms worse by attempting to remove the wax . For example if you only manage to move it rather than effectively remove it it could upset your balance and make you extremely dizzy.

I know nothing of this company but here’s a link and perhaps a phone call might be worthwhile and see if they can offer help/advice.

Marydoll Mon 06-Mar-23 10:07:28

Thanks GNW.

My GP has already had a look at my ear and suggested microsuction.
I need to wait until the drops take effect, before doing anything. I wasn't really keen on DIY, but am desparate!
Its not the main cause of my vertigo, but may be exacerbating it.

Jackaranda Mon 06-Mar-23 17:09:46

Marydoll I think I can help you - I'm sending you a private message.

Marydoll Mon 06-Mar-23 18:05:20


Marydoll I think I can help you - I'm sending you a private message.

How kind of you.Thank you.

veejay Mon 06-Mar-23 20:00:37

I am having this done in Wednesday .I went for hearing test.and was told I had lots of wax which needs removinh.
The person who did the hearing test said the impacted was could cause vertigo,who I have.
I also have very bad tinnitus.
It will £60/,can to get it on and anymore,

veejay Mon 06-Mar-23 20:01:44

Sorry.can't get it on nhs anymore