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Luckygirl3 Wed 08-Mar-23 11:38:44

Does anyone have one of these? I am tempted to get one to warn me when I go into atrial fibrillation.

They are not cheap! Has anyone bought one and used for this purpose? I do not need the fitness tracker during exercise - the best I can do is go for a short walk - none of this counting steps lark!

Grannybags Wed 08-Mar-23 11:47:15

My DH has an Apple iWatch. When he went into AF shortly after coming out of hospital he was able to tell the emergency call handler what his readings were and she arranged for an ambulance straight away as it was so high. His phone stored the ECG information so he was able to show the cardiac team what his readings had been. They said it was very helpful!

I've never had a desire to own one but have since been 'encouraged' to get one. It will also tell you your blood oxygen levels, heart rate etc.

Luckygirl3 Wed 08-Mar-23 11:50:43

Do you have to have an iphone to make this work? I have a Samsung smartphone.

Grannybags Wed 08-Mar-23 11:56:58

Yes I believe so. I wonder if the Samsung watch have the same apps?

silverlining48 Wed 08-Mar-23 12:27:45

I have a fit bit watch which does all sorts of things if you pay, but the free stuff is steps and distance, heart rate, pulse and sleep. Its connected to my very old iphone.

Marydoll Wed 08-Mar-23 13:11:11

I have a Fitbit, which I use to monitor my heart rate etc.

Marydoll Wed 08-Mar-23 15:34:33

I have mine connected to a Samsung phone.

Doodledog Wed 08-Mar-23 15:42:53

I have an Apple watch, which connects to my phone, laptop and iPad. It is something of a nag (tells me to drink water, move around more and go to bed etc), but I rather like it. It's easy to glance at a text on your wrist without rudely getting your phone out in company, and a few of the apps are useful too, particularly the one that rings my phone when I can't find it under my nose🙄. It does check heart rate and so on, and knows if you are getting more or less steady on your feet. It would call an ambulance if I fell over suddenly, apparently, and give them my location. Obviously I hope I never need that facility, but you never know.

silverlining48 Wed 08-Mar-23 23:23:55

Oh yes my Fitbit watch vibrates lights up and makes a noise when my phone rings which if it ever did ring would be very useful given I am a bit deaf. Amazing isn’t it?

Mollygo Wed 08-Mar-23 23:30:55

I have an iWatch, and like Doodledog I get instructions about standing, moving etc.
It tells me how far I’ve walked or swum as well. Only downside is remembering to put it on silent in meetings so it doesn’t announce phone calls.

Franbern Thu 09-Mar-23 08:46:04

I always wear my 'smartwatch' which is joined to my Samsung android phone. Never have used it for any health reasons, turn off as many of those as I can. For me, the use is to tell me when my phone rings (I cannot often hear it if it in another room, or in my handbag). Also tells me of email messages etc. I find it very useful, it is quite nice looking and was not expensive to purchase.

Do not think readings of heart and bp are very accurate on these.

NotSpaghetti Thu 09-Mar-23 08:48:40

Please be careful if you have a pacemaker.
Apparently some models cause problems.

Marrion Thu 09-Mar-23 09:12:24

I was advised not to wear a smart watch as it is not compatible with a pacemaker

annodomini Thu 09-Mar-23 09:40:57

I have resisted offers by family members to provide me with a smart-watch. I've managed without one for 82 years, why burden my wrist with such a monstrous adornment now? I'm happy to wear my 50-year-old wind-up watch - until I find I've forgotten to wind it.

NotSpaghetti Thu 09-Mar-23 09:48:39


I was advised not to wear a smart watch as it is not compatible with a pacemaker

I understand it's not all smartwatches though. It depends on whether they use a particular way of working (which involves tiny electrical pulses) or not.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 09-Mar-23 10:37:12

Since retirement I have found that I have no need for a watch of any sort, only when catching a train or appointment. Life drifts by very pleasantly🙂

Luckygirl3 Thu 09-Mar-23 10:41:12

I really only want it for the ECG as my mini machine does not work very well now, the episodes are becoming more frequent and I am on my own now - I used to have a doctor in the house!

I am hoping I can turn off the things I do not need - although maybe I might find a use for them.

Franbern - mine would be connecting to a Samsung android phone - could I ask which watch you got?

Whitewavemark2 Thu 09-Mar-23 11:05:45

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sound so flippant.

DH has just bought a cheap one this week. I encouraged him to get one as he has recently been told his blood sugar has tipped into the diabetic range. So I’m hoping he will up his activity as well as go back onto his strict diet.

It does monitor his heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and exercise.

Go onto you-tube that gives lots of information.

dragonfly46 Thu 09-Mar-23 11:16:34

I love mine- it tells me when I have a message on my phone, when my phone is ringing, the latest news headlines, my fitness stats, my AF stats and many more things. I have an Apple but I think the Samsung is just as good.

Luckygirl3 Fri 17-Mar-23 14:03:37

Just received mine, and taken my first ECG - normal I am glad to say! I am amazed I managed to set it up and bluetooth it to the phone with no trouble - so far! Apparently I can send the ECG result to the doc!

Have just been buzzed as someone has sent me a whatsapp! It will take a while to get used to this!

Grannybags Fri 17-Mar-23 14:06:42

Well done Luckygirl! Which one did you get in the end? The ECG thing is really good isn’t it