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Arthritic shoulder

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Juliet27 Sat 11-Mar-23 13:01:25

An X-ray a while ago showed that I have moderate to severe arthritis in my left shoulder. I cope ok with turmeric and occasional ibuprofen but I’m realising just how much less movement there is in that arm now. Does anyone know of a treatment to ease discomfort as I don’t feel I’m yet in need of an operation.

Oreo Sat 11-Mar-23 13:06:36

Me too, and am not even old yet🙁
I use hot wraps when sitting watching tv or reading.Also do stretching exercises in morning which help, otherwise I take Ibuprofen like you.

crazyH Sat 11-Mar-23 13:13:58

Same here - right shoulder. My fingers hurt as well …
Ibuprofen is my medication. But if I had a choice,I would take Voltarol SR, but the GP won’t prescribe it, due to my asthma.