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Hibiscus tea!

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HeavenLeigh Tue 14-Mar-23 22:30:04

Interested to know if anyone has tried this, either organic version or the non organic, I have close family member who has diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure and have read that this particular type of tea can help lower blood pressure, thoughts anyone! Family member is not on blood pressure meds ,

Gin Tue 14-Mar-23 22:37:02

Many years ago when I lived in Egypt, I used to drink this. We called it Kakadi ( no idea how to spell it). We used to drink it cold, my children loved it. We bought the dried hibiscus buds from the spice man in the market in Cairo. I remember we infused it in boiling water and added sugar.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 14-Mar-23 22:48:45

If they have high blood pressure they should see their GP and take whatever medication is offered.

JackyB Tue 14-Mar-23 22:49:25

When I first moved to Germany, hibiscus, peppermint and chamomile were the main sort of teas you could get. I find hibiscus tea makes you thirsty. It has a lovely colour though and I would make it for children's parties half and half with grape juice in a punch bowl.

Don't know about any health effects it may have. I wouldn't rely on any herbal infusion alone to treat something like blood pressure although I would have thought that just sitting still and imbibing any hot drink could be a short term relief for blood pressure problems.

HeavenLeigh Tue 14-Mar-23 23:44:54

Yes they have germanshep nothing was offered as got to monitor it was told it was high and they wanted to know how to lower it through diet and exercise , dr said to monitor for ten days twice daily and see how things go. I was reading about the tea and wondered if anyone had tried it

Aveline Wed 15-Mar-23 06:49:38

I love hibiscus tea but don't know how effective it is. I suppose you'd need to drink it more often than I do.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 15-Mar-23 09:10:08

I wouldn’t rely on a herbal drink to bring blood pressure down during those ten days. High blood pressure can be dangerous. Mine is very well controlled medication.

Esmay Wed 15-Mar-23 09:47:27

I also wouldn't rely on a herbal tea to lower blood pressure and treat diabetes 2 , but I'd certainly include it in my diet .

My Turkish friends swear by hibiscus tea to treat arthritis .

Natural diuretics such as parsley and dandelion are useful for fluid retention and might help with high blood pressure .

I've reduced my high blood pressure with a healthy diet and exercise programme .

HeavenLeigh Wed 15-Mar-23 20:12:44

Family member is not going to just rely on hibiscus tea to lower blood pressure so don’t worry, going to try and reduce it by healthy eating and lots of exercise. It will be drunk as part of a daily regime! I totally agree high blood pressure can be very dangerous and not to be taken lightly, she was told had high bp after taking it straight after waiting to see a dr for an hour so I said it could be white coat syndrome

CanadianGran Wed 15-Mar-23 21:03:41

I drink hibiscus tea for the same reason., although I did not make any measurement of before and after difference. It is recommended 3 cups a day, and I drink less than that.

I make a rather large pot, let it cool in the fridge and use it as my daily water intake with a bit of lemon. It's really refreshing. I buy the tea from the health food store, in teabags, and I also believe the loose petals can be purchased.

Glad to hear your relative is looking to improve diet and exercise.

HeavenLeigh Wed 15-Mar-23 21:23:07

Thank you CanadianGran. So important to do your utmost to look after your health isn’t it