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Anniebach Thu 23-Mar-23 09:52:16

Does anyone use a Tens for arthritis ? I used one years ago for
sciatic and it certainly helped ease the pain.

I doubt I can use the small adhesive pads now, my fingers too badly twisted. Thought about the large pads, can anyone advise please ?

J52 Thu 23-Mar-23 10:00:42

I used one for tennis elbow and it certainly did ease the pain until it was healed. I have no knowledge how it would be for Arthritis, but it’s worth a try.
My machine was quite small and fitted with a Velcro strip.

paddyann54 Thu 23-Mar-23 10:22:10

I'd recomment an Acti Patch .these are like disposable tens .You wear them 24/7 if needed .My daughter used them for fibromyalgia pain and found them better than a conventional tensm/c because she only needed to put it on once and could leave it in situ for days .You can get them from some branches of Boots or from Amazon
My sister is currently using one for post operative pain with great results

Anniebach Thu 23-Mar-23 15:42:54

Thank you both, xx

Marydoll Thu 23-Mar-23 16:16:23

I have RA and have used a Tens machine for years. It was a godsend when I had spinal fractures.

Unfortunately, I am allergic to pain killing patches.

Oldbat1 Thu 23-Mar-23 17:48:49

My friend has bad arthritis and now also has heart issues. She was advised to stop using her tens machine as it could cause more issues with her heart? She used to use it daily. Worth asking a chemist for advice perhaps.

Anniebach Fri 24-Mar-23 11:41:13

Thank you, I have ordered one, I hope it will help me get back into my wheelchair.

Grantanow Wed 29-Mar-23 17:49:37

My other half used a TENS for a year or so to fairly good effect until having the hip replaced.

Anniebach Wed 29-Mar-23 18:03:57

I now have a Tens Machine, used it today. What I don’t know is
do I use it at regular times in a day or only when the pain is raging ?

Aveline Wed 29-Mar-23 18:05:09

Were there instructions with it?

Marydoll Wed 29-Mar-23 18:12:21

I used mine when the pain was bad Annie. I didn't have a set routine. Some days I don't use it all, others its on for hours
Remember, there are certain parts of the body, you should avoid.

Mamie Wed 29-Mar-23 18:18:07

DH has ours on his lower back at the moment. We ordered replacement pads from Amazon and the renewed stickiness is a joy. 😂
It works for his arthritis and my gardening neck pain.

henetha Wed 29-Mar-23 18:22:36

Is it difficult to stick these pads in the middle of your back? Just wondered if those who live alone might find it tricky.

Salti Wed 29-Mar-23 19:52:58

I got one for my husband at his request for joint and muscle pain. Eventually he pronounced it "useless" and I used it for varying problems. I can't say that it helped me either so I then passed it on to someone else with a new set of pads.

J52 Wed 29-Mar-23 20:54:23

With mine I had to build up to full power over a few days. It had a timer.

Anniebach Mon 10-Apr-23 17:34:30

Me again. Does anyone use a Tens which is wireless so no need
for sticky pads ?