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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome post-menopause

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Sidelined Sun 30-Apr-23 10:38:39

Anyone here previously diagnosed with PCOS and now post-menopausal? I can’t find any info relating to the effects in later life - any thoughts/experiences please?

Shelflife Mon 15-May-23 11:43:30

Sidelined, PCOS is not a condition I have experience of , although I do recognize the pain and distress it causes. So in no post to advice - post menopausal or not. I do hope you have been able to get some answers and I wish you well.

Shelflife Mon 15-May-23 11:44:28

Position! Apologies.

Sidelined Mon 15-May-23 14:39:12

Thanks, Shelflife. I hoped there may be others here so I could discuss what happened after menopause- I’ve only found guidance about the effects on fertility. Seems they think the non-fertility problems disappear when you stop ovulating but I doubt it, hence the post. I get intermittent bleeding with cramps and sharp pain and although this has been investigated at a hospital there was no conclusion. I’ve no other symptoms and after 9 years it’s obviously not something to consider an emergency (ie cancer). Anyone else?

Shelflife Mon 15-May-23 17:00:46

I am sorry you are having problems, it may not be considered an emergency but that does not diminish your pain / anguish. The general attitude towards women who are post menopausal seems to be rather dismissive. When in reality there are many symptoms that women ' just put up with' that should not happen. Suppose it's good news that your hospital investigation had no conclusion, however ........ you are clearly struggling with your symptoms. Hope someone on GN can give you some advice.