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Spring 2023 covid vaccine

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Stillstanding Sat 20-May-23 17:55:35

Last week I had my Spring 2023 covid jab as I am old, decrepit and housebound. I am very surprised that this vaccine is French. I dont particularly object to a French vaccine but as it was invented in the UK I do wonder why I am having a vaccination from abroad. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Marydoll Sat 20-May-23 18:35:50

I had my 7th this week. As long as it has been approved by the UK, I have no interest where it was invented, nor manufactured. If it is deemed safe and has undergone rigorous testing, I'm happy to have it.

saltnshake Sat 20-May-23 18:40:41

Five vaccinations and boosters - went down with Covid two days before spring booster. Apparently the Sanofi vaccine is specially formulated to boost immune systems of elderly.