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Baker's Cyst anyone? nothing to do with cooking!

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Diggingdoris Fri 08-Sep-23 16:00:34

I've been diagnosed with a very painful Baker's cyst which is making walking and sleeping very difficult. There is no relief other than taking strong painkillers and having an ice pack on it each time I sit down. Have any of you had one of these that has cleared up on it's own, or was surgery the only way forward? I will speak to GP next Friday but would like to be prepared with some questions. Any advice would be gratefully received

merlotgran Fri 08-Sep-23 16:20:38

I had one at the back of my right knee about ten years ago and it was indeed very painful. I also used an ice pack and took painkillers. My knee became very stiff when walking. I’m not sure how long they take to clear up because mine ruptured and drained itself which felt like boiling water trickling down the inside of my leg!

I think it took almost a year for my knee to get its strength back but as I have osteoarthritis I wasn’t expecting miracles.

Sorry I can’t recommend anything to relieve the pain and I don’t know if surgery is ever required but it might just be that time is the greatest healer.

Hope you soon see some improvement.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 08-Sep-23 16:22:22

Yes, I have had one behind my left knee for donkey’s years. I had it drained once but, as the doctor warned would happen, it came back. It doesn’t hurt though, never has. Slight discomfort sometimes which I don’t even notice now. I believe the only way to get rid of them permanently is surgery.

boheminan Fri 08-Sep-23 16:32:10

I had it behind my right knee, no warning, two days before I went on a 'walking holiday' (which was a write off). Very painful. It didn't rupture, it just went on for probably months, nothing to do other than take strong (probably not strong enough) painkillers. Hopefully yours will rupture and drain quickly.

CocoPops Sat 09-Sep-23 03:04:08

I had one behind a knee. It wasn't painful and did not stop me from doing anything. It very slowly disappeared over a couple of years. My daughter had one which was a bit painful but it disappeared after 3 or 4 weeks.

Foxygloves Sat 09-Sep-23 06:47:58

I too had one behind my knee and used an analgesic cream (Algesan) which is aspirin based not ibuprofen and not heat inducing like some pain- gels . I believe it can be bought OTC .it went, eventually, of its own accord.

Auntieflo Sat 09-Sep-23 09:53:46

Yes, I also had one 2/3 years ago., behind my right knee.It was very painful and I couldn't weight bear. Eventually it burst and left bruising all down my leg. Rest, ice and painkillers do help. Mine has not returned. I do hope you soon recover Diggingdoris

LizzieDrip Sat 09-Sep-23 12:38:43

I had one behind left knee about 5 years ago. It was caused by a twisting injury to my knee. The cyst was very painful; GP prescribed painkillers and cold gel pack. I bought one online which had a sort of sleeve to hold the cold gel, and Velcro to wrap it round the knee. It was extremely helpful. The cyst eventually went away (took about 3 weeks). I don’t know whether it burst or just went! It’s never returned anyway, and no lasting effects. Good luck with yoursflowers.

Callistemon21 Sat 09-Sep-23 12:47:58

Yes, on both knees, worse after a tear in the meniscus in one knee.
Surgery? I'm still waiting for "urgent" knee replacements and meniscus repair so no hope of anything else being attended to.
The cysts do seem to have calmed down now, though, after I stopped doing the stretching exercises recommended by the physiotherapists!!

If they are large they could be drained, I think.