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Social impacts of health issues

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Horti Sun 10-Sep-23 08:06:54

This year I’ve experienced a range of disconnected health issues alongside busy grand parenting support needs

These have both impacted my own social interactions and I’ve become pretty isolated from things I used to do and now find I’m lacking a bit of confidence and motivation to restart although I know the importance for wellbeing
Trying at least to keep exercising to rebuild stamina again and to consider how much I can sensibly fit in alongside the grand parenting days without getting exhausted

Any tips or thoughts ?
I realise it’s down to me to resolve this

Hetty58 Sun 10-Sep-23 21:41:34

I'm a little concerned about your prioritising the 'grand parenting'. Right now, you may need more time without the worry of looking after grandchildren. Other arrangements can be made for their care so that you can cut down or take a break - at least temporarily.

I do agree that exercise is important for stamina, though, and you recognise the need for social interactions. Could you join a walking group or exercise class?

Have you considered putting more thought into preparing for good sleep and rest routines? Have you seen your GP about the fatigue? Put your own health first - as you can't help others very well if you feel so low.

teabagwoman Mon 11-Sep-23 06:55:46

It is difficult to get back to something like normal, I’ve been there. What helped me was being involved in groups and volunteering which gradually drew me back into purely social activities and friendships. You may have to try a variety before you find where you fit. Be careful not to over commit and as has been said make sure you get enough rest and sleep. Wishing you well.

Horti Tue 12-Sep-23 08:02:22

Thank you both for your sensible suggestions
I’m trying to pace myself back into previous and maybe new activities gradually

Whiff Tue 12-Sep-23 11:48:14

Horti if you like any sort of craft be it sewing ,knitting ,painting etc. Either Google groups in your area or your local library is a good source of information.
As for exercise sit fit classes are fun. But don't think they are an easy option compared to a gym or pilates they aren't. I go to one in my local church . It's not run by the church our instructor rents the room I am the youngest in the class at 65 oldest member 91. Our instructor is in her early 60's so she doesn't go easy on us. But always says if it hurts stop but you should feel your body working. We sit down for some exercises and stand behind our chair for others . We use weights and resistance bands.£5 for a hour .Not matter how much pain I am in or how wobbly I still go because it's helps strengthen my limbs and helps with my balance.

I go to a mixed media craft group. Doesn't cost anything for 2 hours . We have a box with tea etc, and biscuits when anyone notices we are getting low on things they buy it. I bake some goodies every 2 weeks to take . Age range late 20's to mid 80's.

The library has a lot of different groups. My exercise instructor does a class there .

I only go to daytime events. I look after my grandsons when needed but my daughter asks well in advance. But if it was on my days I do classes I would just take them with me. My daughter takes her youngest with her to her exercise class and the oldest as well when it's school hols.

Just because you look after grandchildren you don't have to stay in. You say you have health problems so do I and members of my exercise and craft group do to. But the only limit to what you do is what you put on yourself.