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Turmeric and surgery

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Elless Sun 10-Sep-23 09:34:56

At an appointment this week with a consultant I was told I would need surgery (not major, as a day case) but I would need a GA. When he asked for a list of my medication and I mentioned I took Turmeric he said I should stop it before my operation as it can cause bleeding. Has anyone else heard this?

Caravansera Sun 10-Sep-23 10:02:13

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning or anticoagulant properties so it shouldn't be taken with drugs that have the same effect. Even for day cases, surgeons may prescribe a shot of heparin which is an anti-coagulant.

Jaxjacky Sun 10-Sep-23 10:24:47

Yes, I have as I have to avoid it.

cornergran Sun 10-Sep-23 12:21:06

Same here. Told to stop Turmeric a month before surgery . Mr C was forbidden Omega capsules before his cardiac surgery and advised to stop taking a multi vitamin/mineral mix. Always best to check it seems

MayBee70 Sat 16-Sep-23 18:25:34

My partner is on blood thinners so I don’t add turmeric to his food although I add it to mine whenever possible. I was going to have radiotherapy on my hands years ago because of Dupuytrans and was told to stop taking turmeric for a while before I had it done.