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Carbocisteine - anyone else be prescribed these?

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Franbern Mon 18-Sep-23 15:43:04

Ar my annual medical review I mentioned to the nurse that I seemed to be having an excess amount of phlegm. Annoying mostly at night as I 'dribbled'. Anyway, she put me on Carbocisteine tablets, six each day.

They seemed to help that problem, but I then became excessively tired Not sure if it was to do with these. As this same nurse also altered my asthma powder inahaler and got very defensive when I told her I thought it had induced a cough, did not like to say anything about the other new medication she had given to me.

Tiredness is not one of the side effects shown on their leaflet, just wonderd if anyone else had ever had these tablets, and any effects.

silverlining48 Mon 18-Sep-23 16:06:12

Havnt been given Tablets but also suddenly am very Phlegmy too. Never had this problem before.

Farmor15 Mon 18-Sep-23 18:55:50

I've taken this, but in liquid form with no problems of tiredness etc. It's supposed to make phlegm more liquid and easier to cough up. Not recommended to be taken at night as may cause more coughing initially!