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Stage 1 AV block. Anyone else.

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Lovetopaint037 Mon 06-Nov-23 14:38:46

I asked for an ECG a few weeks ago and got an appointment with the doctor as my tests only said “no comment”. She showed me her screen and the result said as above. She looked at my bp tablets and homed in on Nebivolol which I have had for years. It works by slowing the heart down. I was on 5 mg and I am now taking 2and a half until I see her next week. Have read literature and it certainly sounds as if I have to wean myself off them. I’m quite upset by the result as I’m not sure what this really means. If you have this problem do you have further ECGs or what?

Visgir1 Mon 06-Nov-23 15:12:52

I'm still a Cardiac Physiologist..
1st Degree Heart block doesn't need treatment, you might have always had it, even from a child?
It's when the first electrical signal is slightly longer to reach the next stage in your electrical pathway to make your Heart beat, just takes a very slight millisecond longer to reach the next stage.
The new ECG machines work out the data and give a answer but you need "eye power" to interpret the findings.
You might get another ECG in the future? You might not?
Don't over worry, it's OK it might even go if your Beta blocker is reduced.

Lovetopaint037 Wed 08-Nov-23 08:53:09

Thank you Visgirl. You have explained things so well. I am so grateful that you responded. It just sounded so worrying when I heard I had a heart block. I intend to wean myself off Nebivolol so hope this will improve the situation. A big thank you again.

Visgir1 Wed 08-Nov-23 08:57:34

L2P.. Your very welcome.. Take care

Shelflife Wed 08-Nov-23 11:36:50

Wow! Is'nt GN amazing!? Lovetopaint
you must feel so relieved now. Visgirl, thanks!

Lovetopaint037 Wed 08-Nov-23 16:15:10

Yes it is. Absolutely amazing. So many people who help others. Visgirl really set my mind at rest. So very grateful.