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Sertraline nausea: how long does it last?

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curvygran Sat 09-Dec-23 17:12:41

I am into week 3 of very low dose sertraline and still feel nauseous at times . Can anyone recommend ways of dealing with it, and how long will it last?

Atqui Sat 09-Dec-23 19:50:38

I gave up citalopram last year as it made me feel very nauseous.
I asked the GP ( after a few months break if I could try another , and he prescribes sertraline .,After 2 weeks I have no nausea, so,perhaps switch if it doesn’t improve.

curvygran Sat 09-Dec-23 22:57:21

Thank you for your advice. I’ll give it another week or two and hopefully it will improve . It’s usually when I’m hungry or much later for a meal than usual . I think yogurt and maybe milk might add to the problem too .

curvygran Sat 30-Mar-24 17:32:59

Has anyone had an increase in anxiety /depression when starting a higher dose of sertraline? I have recently been switched to 50 mg and have felt very blue in the last couple of days and was wondering if this is a 'normal' side effect of the increased dose.

Gwyllt Sat 30-Mar-24 18:03:40

I was started on 50 mg of sertraline when suffering depression while on steroids
I became extremely anxious after a few weeks. Waking up in panic in middle of the night. Given something for the panic which gave me nightmares At some point had restless legs but can’t remember where it fitted into the big picture
Gave up the lot and decided against trying anything else hadn’t been keen on the idea in the first place
Again it’s a few years back so unsure but I seem to remember a paper saying the genetic version had more side effects than the branded one

Cossy Sat 30-Mar-24 18:08:15

I started Sertraline about 5 weeks ago. All side effects faded away in first 4 weeks. I drank plenty of water, took mine at night just before bed, and had ginger tea and ginger biscuits. I was taking it in the morning, felt sick as a dog, changed to last thing at night and so much better. Good luck

curvygran Sat 30-Mar-24 18:15:30

Thank you Cossy - thank fully the nausea eventually disappeared ,thanks to ginger tea and un sweetened boiled sweets ['car sweets' in those round metal tins]. It's the move to the higher dose which I'm trying to get used to , but having done well on the lower dose I'm hoping that I'll soon begin to tolerate the higher dose a bit more .