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Is any one who had a Brain MRI willing to share what happened after the results.

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Flossieturner Fri 22-Mar-24 15:36:48

I don’t want to pry into anyone’s health, just how the results were communicated.

I had my Brain MRI in January. I have now had a text asking me to book a non-urgent appointment to discuss the results with my GP. The appointment is for 10 days time.

Part of me thinks that if anything showed up the follow-up would be with the hospital consultant. On the other hand, would the surgery waste an appointment just to tell me it was all clear.

So any shared experience or words of wisdom would be really welcome

Theexwife Fri 22-Mar-24 15:43:03

I have had several scans, when it is a result with nothing found the appointment was a non urgent GP appointment to discuss the treatment of symptoms which led to having the scan.

Flossieturner Fri 22-Mar-24 15:57:07

Thank you, that is reassuring.

Astitchintime Fri 22-Mar-24 16:04:32

PM sent

Whiff Fri 22-Mar-24 16:19:02

Flossieturner did your GP send the referral to have the brain MRI or your neurologist? If it's your GP then he will give you the results if it was your neurologist then your neurologist should give you the results. That's how it has always worked for me. Same with my heart MRI my cardiologist set up the appointment so he gave me the results .

nadateturbe Fri 22-Mar-24 16:27:25

Had a follow up appointment with the neurologist. Nothing terrible to report but still a face to face appointment.

Flossieturner Fri 22-Mar-24 16:28:04

It was the ENT consultant that organised it. The GP wanted to check that my dizzzy spells were not caused by a problem with my ears. ENT said that it was not an ear problem. ‘Wrong type of dizziness’ apparently. Who knew that was a thing.

MissAdventure Fri 22-Mar-24 16:30:10

I was told I had white something or other on my brain.
Like plaque, from what I remember.

Nothing to worry about, apparently.

silverlining48 Fri 22-Mar-24 16:56:09

Oh yes flossie, dizziness without deafness and/ or tinnitus is called labrynthitis but dizziness with the above is Menieres.
I started with labyrinthitis and graduated+to Menieres. It feels exactly the same though. Horrible.
As for results I expect your gp will talk through treatment options.
If there had been something serious you will have heard by now so try not to concern Yourself but do understand it’s a worry.
When I went fir my results because of dizziness I asked if there was any sign of dementia as both parents had it, I really wish I hadn’t as 15 years later it still plays on my mind, especially when I forget something ( and I seem to be getting worse.

M0nica Fri 22-Mar-24 17:30:19

I had brain scans after a (poosible) TIA. It showed I had a mengioma. A mengioma is a slow growing benignant tumour that causes me no worries. Several friends who have had brain scans have them as well. but I need to have the scan repeated every few years, or so, the vascular doctor said. I would, she said be contacted by the relevant department,

That was 18 months ago. I am still waiting. We are in the process of moving house to another area. I will take it up with my new GP after the move.

HowVeryDareYou2 Sat 23-Mar-24 14:34:40

I had a stroke almost 3 years ago. A brain MRI showed a Meningioma. I had another MRI a few months later, at a different hospital. I was told about it when I was eventually discharged from the care of the stroke Consultant, 4 months after the stroke. I had another MRI about 7 weeks ago, to see if there was any change in the Meningioma. Not heard anything yet, so I assume it's all ok.

Flossieturner Sat 23-Mar-24 16:28:33

Thank you everyone, for sharing your experiences.

Shelflife Sun 24-Mar-24 22:58:27

I had a brain scan Flossie, fortunately all was well. My GP rang me with the
good news . I was very impressed!

pably15 Sun 24-Mar-24 23:32:17

not me Flossie,my O H had one..the result was it showed Alzheimers...

Grandmaofone Mon 25-Mar-24 01:49:31

yes, a few years ago, at KCH Camberwell, following a car crash, then shown the fascinating pics on an illuminated screen, no bleeding on the brain, no damage, all very matter of fact, (although kindly)

please try not to worry : of course you will be anxious,
although surely you would have heard already if treatment
was necessary? as in ‘bad news travels fast’ but ‘good
news takes the slow train’

NandiToBoys Sat 06-Apr-24 13:34:13

Hope everything was ok? I have one next week because of headaches.

Flossieturner Sat 06-Apr-24 14:03:54

I have had the results and thankfully nothing to worry about. Blood vessels are narrowing which is age related. GP thinks is what is causing the dizzy spells.

I am very impressed, both the Consultant and the GP Telephoned with a full explanation.

NandiToBoys Sat 06-Apr-24 14:07:50

That's good news. I drink beetroot juice to help BP as it's supposed to be good for blood vessels/BP etc. I don't know if it'd help you though?

NandiToBoys Sat 06-Apr-24 14:09:06

Just did a Google. There's more information available.

Shelflife Sat 06-Apr-24 17:54:32

Great news Flossie , your GP rang you just as mine did . So pleased for you .