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Appalling treatment of psychosis patients

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ronib Tue 02-Apr-24 13:43:11

There are some aspects of NHS care for the mentally ill which remind me of Nazi Germany under Hitler. Particularly it’s the way that sufferers of psychosis are given inappropriate medical treatment and this may result in premature death. Does anyone have any ideas on how to highlight the plight of mental illness remembering that good treatments are available and mental health conditions are treatable? There seems to be a remarkable disconnect in the NHS and I wonder how this can be improved?

LOUISA1523 Tue 02-Apr-24 18:20:19

Like what treatment?

ronib Tue 02-Apr-24 18:45:57

Medication? Under supervision and if necessary in a secure hospital bed? Much the same as physical ailments - that is recognised and actively treated?

Syracute Tue 02-Apr-24 19:28:58

NHS mental health care is appalling ! A disgrace .

Aveline Tue 02-Apr-24 19:51:17

It's extremely variable.