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Bath grab handles

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Nadateturbe Sun 15-Nov-20 08:01:38

I'm enjoying lots of leisurely baths at this time. But it's a little bit difficult getting to a sitting position. Can anyone recommend suction handles that work please. Reviews online are very mixed.

Charleygirl5 Sun 15-Nov-20 08:09:52

I have not had a bath in my house for many years because I could not get out of it safely. I tried suction handles but for me they were not strong enough and came off the wall in my hand too easily for my liking.

Also they could only be fitted on one wall, not much use. Please be careful.

nadateturbei Sun 15-Nov-20 08:24:56

Thanks Charleygirl5.

shysal Sun 15-Nov-20 08:28:43

I had some suction handles, but I didn't trust them so never used them.
Have you tried kneeling on all fours then flipping over? This is what works for me, doing the same in reverse to get out.

Mazamet07 Sun 15-Nov-20 08:35:37

I agree, the suction cup ones are quite dangerous. I was advised to contact a specialist place, Ableworld (I had no idea they offered this, having only seen their motorbility scooters for sale) to fit some grab handles properly. It is on my to-do list this week as a matter of fact.

ExD Sun 15-Nov-20 08:42:24

My method is the same as Shysal's, but my daughter who is quite a 'big' girl can't manage the flip. I worry about the suction rails will pull the tiles from the wall?
I think I'd speak to a plumber about fitting a couple for you.

Grannynannywanny Sun 15-Nov-20 08:48:14

It might be worth phoning your local council to enquire if they can help. Some do provide such aids and will fit them free of charge via their occupational therapy dept.

bikergran Sun 15-Nov-20 08:48:31

Im sure I have seen a rail that goes over your bath and sort of clamps down. bit like a bed rail.It can be removed when needed.

Nadateturbe Sun 15-Nov-20 09:02:05

Thanks everyone. Silly me thought they clamped on to the bath. Definitely suction handle ruled out. Some good advice and ideas. I'll try the flip method first.

Elegran Sun 15-Nov-20 09:08:40

I used to have a bath with built-in handles on the actual bath. Useless. They weren't high enough to pull yourself up any distance, and this was when I was younger and fitter! Where they are positioned is important. Sit in your bath, put your hand up to where it would be suitable to grab the rail and make a not of the position.

I too have heard thatthe suction ones are unreliable. Coming off under pressure they could leave you lying in a heap. Better to have one fixed firmly with screws.

Elegran Sun 15-Nov-20 09:13:01

This looks interesting (and easy to remove if you decide you don't like it, without marking the walls)

Grannynannywanny Sun 15-Nov-20 09:24:48

Just found this info on the NHS website. If you are struggling to get out of the bath safely then there might be useful info here regarding aids that local councils can supply and fit.

Shropshirelass Sun 15-Nov-20 09:27:46

We no longer use our bath so thinking of have it taken out and a big walk in shower installed or a steam/shower cubicle. Something big enough to have a shower seat in it.

Greyduster Sun 15-Nov-20 09:51:29

We don’t have a bath now either, but we used an apartment recently that had a grab handle to help you stand while in the bath and, more importantly I thought, one on the wall to hold on to as you were climbing out of the bath. Some baths are so deep now that climbing in and out of them can be a real struggle without something to hold on to.

Charleygirl5 Sun 15-Nov-20 09:54:43

Shropshirelass If you have a shower fitted do not have the seat attached to the wall because over time the seat will become detached and remove the tiles. I bought a stool for my shower- easy to move and clean. One of my best buys ever!

Nadateturbe Sun 15-Nov-20 12:08:33

Thanks for the links Elegran and Grannynannywanny and the useful comnents. You're all so kind. We do have a separate shower but the bath is so relaxing.

Chardy Sun 15-Nov-20 12:47:06

I bought a pair of suction cup handles via Amazon in lockdown 1 - Newthinking Suction Bathroom Grab Rails. I check before I get in the bath, sometimes the part that creates the suction needs pushing back flush to the handle. (That part is stiff, and I need to be in front of it) Yes I'd say I was pleased with them.

Charleygirl5 Sun 15-Nov-20 14:35:34

Pleased to read you have a separate shower and was not thinking of having one fitted over the bath.

3 houses ago we had that arrangement, the inside of the bath was very slippery, I fell and had a nasty shock but luckily did not break any bones.

Greenfinch Sun 15-Nov-20 14:43:03

No help to the OP but if you are thinking of having a new bathroom do make sure the bath has handles even if you don't need them at the moment. Ours are half way along the bath so I can reach them if I am laying back to pull my self up with. Then I get on my knees and use them again to pull myself up to standing position.

nadateturbei Sun 15-Nov-20 17:15:06

Hindsight's a wonderful thing Greenfinch.
That would have given you a fright Charleygirl. Can happen so easily.

Nadateturbe Sun 15-Nov-20 17:17:01

Just noticed your post Chardy. Thank you. I'll have a look.

CocoPops Mon 16-Nov-20 06:23:04

I have a long vertical handle screwed into the tiles above and at the centre of the bath.

Franbern Mon 16-Nov-20 11:16:11

In my house, the local authority adult support services screwed a long vertical handle into the wall side of the bath. This was excellent for me, and also served perfectly for hanging things like dripping swimming costumes etc, when necessary.
I do have a walk in shower in my en-suite , but do like and need to have a bath. Just had my guest bathroom re-done and have purchased for myself a handle that clamps onto the bath which gives me support both with climing in and out of bath.
I use the system of turning over onto my knees to get out of the bath, then can use this handle to help me stand up and give me support when stepping out of bath.

nadateturbei Tue 24-Nov-20 14:19:03

Chardy I bought one of those handles and its good! Thanks

nadateturbe Thu 08-Apr-21 13:42:25

Just want to say the handle is still working. No problem at all.