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Flu Jab or Covid booster ..Which First

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Bea65 Tue 14-Sep-21 11:38:24

My daughter has just reminded me about getting covid booster but my GP surgery has also reminded me to get the flu jab..what do you all think should be hesitating about the covid booster?

Charleygirl5 Tue 14-Sep-21 11:43:21

I had my flu jab last week, mainly because the pharmacist did not know when the next supply would arrive. I also wanted a few weeks between jabs in case there was a problem with one. I would never have them at the same time because of reactions.

PippaZ Tue 14-Sep-21 11:44:19

They are just talking about it on the News. It's really just being clarified.

PippaZ Tue 14-Sep-21 11:46:08

You do not need to have the booster until at least 6 months after the second vaccination.

They are setting up a programme to follow the same table of those who should have it.

Silverbridge Tue 14-Sep-21 11:49:05

News today:

The JCVI has recommended that all over-50s and at-risk groups receive a booster of the Pfizer jab regardless of the vaccine they received first time around, to be given at least six months after their second dose.

BlueSky Tue 14-Sep-21 11:49:26

What if you had Covid recently after the two jabs?

PippaZ Tue 14-Sep-21 11:49:50

They say it is safe to have both vaccines on the same day (one in each arm) if you happen to be called for both on the same day but they didn't say which to have first otherwise. I would book your flu vaccine - I have already booked mine. The booster will then (it appears) be given in the same order as the original vaccines.

PippaZ Tue 14-Sep-21 11:53:30


What if you had Covid recently after the two jabs?

They will probably re-run this presentation later. It's worth trying to catch it. Otherwise the news programmes will begin to break it down and give us bullet points.

Shinamae Tue 14-Sep-21 11:56:50

My surgery hasn’t even got flu vaccines yet, I rang this morning and they don’t know when they’re going to have them which is not good

Pinnywinch Tue 14-Sep-21 12:02:13

I know in Midlothian the GPs are probably going to give the two injections at the same appointment - one in each arm.

Charleygirl5 Tue 14-Sep-21 12:07:19

Shinamae my GP surgery is similar so I had mine done at a local pharmacy as I have had for a few years now.

Shinamae Tue 14-Sep-21 12:12:46


Shinamae my GP surgery is similar so I had mine done at a local pharmacy as I have had for a few years now.

I was offered one by Lloyds but that’s not until the 1st of November and I was hoping my surgery would have supplies before then… I have booked it in for then and will just cancel it if my surgery calls me before then

toscalily Tue 14-Sep-21 12:30:44

Our surgery is very good, send reminders for this sort of thing and we have booked our flue jabs for end of the week. I did not want to have both flue & covid vaccinations on the same day so am pleased that for us the roll out means it will be a bit later.

tanith Tue 14-Sep-21 13:33:14

I got a text from my GP surgery telling to book and I had my flu jab last week. As has been said the NHS will invite people when the interval from your last COVID jab is enough.

Babs758 Tue 14-Sep-21 13:50:22

i booked my flu jab for early October. My booster covid jab would not be due until after 14 November... I wanted to be protected from the flu by then!

Franbern Tue 14-Sep-21 15:04:55

My surgery is rolling out flu jabs. Couple of weeks ago I was sent message telling me to book, which I did and received that last Saturday. They have said they will also be calling us for boosters for Covid in due course.

BlueBelle Tue 14-Sep-21 15:40:26

I m having my flu jab next week at Boots but as far as I ve heard the boosters aren’t rolled out as yet so no need to worry yet

LtEve Tue 14-Sep-21 17:11:15

I will have my flu vaccine at work asap and my Covid booster as soon as it is offered as I had my second injection in March so will be 6 months by the end of September. I had Covid April/May 2020 so should be well and truly immune and fizzing with antibodies.

SueDonim Tue 14-Sep-21 17:27:30

I’ve just been to check on the status of flu jabs in this area. The GO’s don’t do it now, it’s run by the Health Board so I went to their website. There’s just a notice telling you to wait for the website to be updated. That’s the NHS in Scotland for you. hmm

Smileless2012 Tue 14-Sep-21 17:34:28

I don't mind which comes first as long as I get both.

Teacheranne Tue 14-Sep-21 17:45:17

Last year I was very late getting my flu jab, January, as the surgery and local pharmacy ran out of the one for my age group - under 65 as the over 50’s were also being offered it. This year I can have the one for over 65’s so I’m hoping to have it earlier. Ideally I’d like a gap between the two jabs as I do get a bad reaction ie a sore arm, with all injections so I’d struggle to get to sleep on my side if both arms were affected! But that’s a minor problem which won’t stop me having all the protection I can get.

theworriedwell Tue 14-Sep-21 17:48:52

I'm having my flu jab next week but won't get my booster just yet, not been six months since my second dose. I'd happily have them both together or whichever gets offered first. Just happy to get them.

annodomini Tue 14-Sep-21 18:31:27

My practice arranged the flu jabs before the arrangements for boosters were announced. So I am having the flu one on Saturday and will have to go back for the booster. If the government hadn't dragged its feet I could have had them both together.

M0nica Tue 14-Sep-21 18:49:38

Does it really matter? I will go when invited.

Hetty58 Tue 14-Sep-21 18:53:18

Bea65, I'm having my flu jab - as it's available to me now. I'll wait a couple of weeks for the Covid booster. I can't see that it makes any difference which one is first but I think it's important to have a gap between them.